May 31, 2007

Lost - Teeth #13 & #14

Morgan lost 2 teeth tonight at bedtime. They are #13 & 14 for her. Both teeth have been loose for a while. One bothered her tonight at dinner and the other already has the permanent tooth growing in beside/behind it. She pulled one and then tried to pull the other before having me take over & do it. The first one came right out...she barely touched it. The next one needed some convincing (but needed to come out).

Today I took her up to the bowling alley so she could bowl her 3 games for the league & get her scores counted. She did good the first game but not so good the next 2. I think it was harder than she thought not having teammates to take turns with,etc. Afterwards we stopped at Hobby Lobby to look for a gift for her dance teacher. At first we decided to make a special picture frame, adding letters & dance symbols to it but then she saw some unstuffed, stuff-them-yourself teddies and outfits and decided she wanted to make a ballerina bear. We got a small, white bear and some pink tulle for a tutu. We also found a charm of ballet slippers to make a necklace for the bear. When we got home Morgan got the poly-fil and started stuffing the bear. She helped sew it closed. It had a velcro closure in the back but we wanted it more secure. Then she strung the charm onto some stretchable cording she has. Later this evening we worked together on making the tutu. I did 4 layers of the tulle & then just ran thread through it & pulled it to create a gathered skirt. We fit it around the bear & sewed the seam. Then we fit the necklace on the bear. It looks so cute!

Morgan is very excited about her dance recital tomorrow night. Her dances are #2, 10 and then #7 following intermission (2nd to the last dance of the show). I can't wait to see it myself. Hopefully everyone will arrive on time so we don't have a problem with tickets & such. I hope Alex handles it all well. He's had a rough couple of days but did pretty good at dinner tonight. So I'm hopeful. Oh, at some point today he decided he wanted to do the homeschool bowling league in the fall. LOL! Not sure what prompted that since he hasn't wanted anything to do with bowling but we shall see.

May 30, 2007

Dress Rehearsal

The dress rehearsal for Morgan's dance recital was this afternoon. Actually it lasts a couple days but for the 3 dances she is in it was this afternoon. lol She had to be there w/make up, hair in bun & costume on for 1st dance by 1:25pm. So we got make up & hair in bun here and headed over. We were there early but that gave us time to find where we needed to be, watch how things were going & such before getting her into costume. The girls all did great and we watched several other routines. I can't wait until the show on Friday night.

I took a lot of pictures during her dances. I will post the pictures once I get them. I kept taking them because Morgan has really enjoyed scrapbooking and I was thinking that she would have so much fun with the pictures & creating some pages. :-)

We are enjoying our fenced in backyard. Today Corey caught some kids coming through the gate area (gate not hung yet) and crossing the yard. He went out on the deck & told them not to climb the fence & they claimed they weren't going to. Umm, hello then, how do you plan on exiting our fenced in yard then? So I will really be glad when the gate is on.

May 25, 2007

Fence, pictures and updates

Corey's mom, stepdad, 2 stepbrothers, their wives and 1 child (other 4 children were in school or at work...teen boys) came to visit on Wednesday. They got to come watch Morgan at her bowling league. Her bowling ball came in, was drilled to fit & she got to start using it. She was thrilled about the ball but upset because her score took a hit while she adjusts. We then grilled out a ton of food and had a great time visiting with family.

On Thursday my brother came over to start working on our fence. After putting out stakes & running twine where we wanted the fence to go he started digging. The first 2 post holes were difficult to dig despite the post hole digger and dig bar because we have rock....some compact but broken rock but most of it solid, granite-type rock...anywhere from 2 inches to 15 inches down. We decided we had better go rent a chipping hammer or my brother would die trying to dig holes. Once we got that taken care of it went better...still hard but better than if we didn't have it. It took him the rest of the day to get post holes dug & posts set in concrete on 1 side of the yard and then most of the post holes dug on the other side. He returned Friday morning, thank Goddess he came back after the physically punishing day on Thursday, and finished up the post holes with a little time to spare. Morgan & I returned the chipping hammer before the 24 hour period was up. Yeah. Michael got the rest of the posts set in concrete, cut the post tops off on the first side and started the boards. I had to leave for a bit for some medical stuff (read about further down) and when I returned all the boards were done on the first side....oooh almost a fence! After lunch we all went out and worked to finish up. We did it! All we have left to do is hang the gate (it is made but the cement needs to set & cure a bit before we hang it) and put wire around the bottom so little dogs can't get out. Woo! I put pictures up...see the link over to the right under photo albums.

I had my abdominal ultrasound to check my gall bladder today. It meant no dinner last night, nothing after midnight. Only prob was that my appointment was at 1:15pm! I couldn't wake up, work outside & go until 1:15pm with nothing so I had a glass of ice water this morning & took my chances. ;-) I'll let everyone know when I get the results.

I also put up some pictures of Kali. Check on the right under photo albums.

May 20, 2007

End of a busy week

We've had a fairly busy week. I posted about the newest member joining our family on Monday evening. On Tuesday, the kids and I planted some seeds in a small herb garden/greenhouse kit we got. It has basil, catnip and mint in it. Then Morgan and I headed up to the park. Alex stayed home with Corey because he hasn't been feeling good...a cold has triggered his asthma. We called & checked on the puppy we saw at the shelter but she was still in isolation. We needed to do grocery shopping so I dropped Morgan off at home, picked up Alex (kid swap) and headed to the store. Alex was good & funny while shopping. No soccer practice for Alex because his coach was sick.

On Wednesday Corey had the afternoon off. Yea! So we all went to Morgan's bowling league. She did pretty good and just *loves* having Corey watch. Afterwards Corey said we should run by the shelter to check on the puppy. We get there and they say she is still in isolation, don't know when she'll be out because the vet tech isn't there. We go to the back & look at the other dogs. The guy tells us that they have a Golden Retriever puppy, 6 months old, if we want to visit with her. We decide to do it and she was sooo sweet. Big for 6 months but gentle yet frisky and so good. We filled out an application for her. She was full-blooded G.R. and she had to be spayed before she could leave. After all that we headed home.

Thursday was a nice hang out day. Corey had the entire day off. We spent some time marvelling at how well our garden is doing. Loaded up the tons of recycling we had & went to the recycling center. We then headed to Lowe's to order the lumber we need for our fence. We got that taken care of...scheduled for Friday delivery...and picked up some ant stuff. Then I dropped Corey & the kids off at home and headed to an appointment with my primary doc. This is my first appointment with her so while I wasn't worried I did hope that I liked her. Luck was with me & I like her. After visiting the lab on the way out I'm all set for some appointments to check out my gall bladder.

Friday morning the Lowe's delivery was made about 8:30am. Very cool. Morgan and I went to the counselor and had a good appointment. We talked about some issues with Alex and got some good information and a referral we feel better about. So we will start there. We did some picking up around the house. Corey called the shelter to see what the status was on our application. Well, he was told "someone else filled out an application for her before you and they were approved so she's been adopted". Umm..hello, you would think they would tell someone this when they fill out the app...hey just to let you know someone else has also filled an app out & if they are approved then she will go home to them. Our shelter leaves a lot to be desired....very frustrating trying to work with them. GC came over for dinner....we had yummy quesadillas.

Saturday morning we had a nice start and prepared for a pretty busy day ahead. About 11am I realized I didn't have hair nets to help keep Morgan's hair in a bun so Corey ran out to get some. I started getting showered & dressed and then started working on getting Morgan's stuff together. Talk to GC on the phone and give her directions to pick up our first CSA share. We start hemming Morgan's jazz costume (legs way too long). Corey called to say Walgreen's didn't have hair nets and so I begged him to try Kroger. Back to hemming and there is a knock on the door. Don't you know the Jehovah Witness people are at the door...they've been by TWICE already. 1 man is at the door and 3 other people are getting out of the car. Egads!! I quickly say through the glass door that now is NOT a good time as I'm hemming a dance costume, trying to do hair & get ready for pictures and a soccer game,etc. Back to hemming, get finished up. We have all costumes, shoes & such together. I start working on Morgan's hair and Corey walks in...with hair nets. YEA!! What a wonderful man. :-D We get her hair in a bun, make up on, 1st pair of tights and head off to the dance studio. 3 costume changes and individual & group pictures and 2 hours later we are done. We grab a drink and head to the soccer field for Alex's last game. We get to see a little over half of it. Following the game we all go to a local ice cream shop and have a little party. The boys all got really neat picture frame trophies from the coach. I'll have to take a picture of it. Oh wait...I found it online soccer trophy frame . GC came back to our house with us and we hung out, played cards, checked out our box of delicious veggies/fruits from the organic farm. We got gorgeous leaf lettuce, red russian kale, swiss chard, broccoli, basil, spring onions, and strawberries. We snacked on some strawberries...big & sweet...and washed up some leaf lettuce & red russian kale for a salad. We had mojo pork, corn pudding and the freshest salad any of us have ever eatten. LOL! Delicious! We sat out on the deck and enjoyed the cool evening while the kids kicked the soccer ball around. Our backyard is just so green right now it just feels fabulous being out there. Then topped it all off with some ice cream cake before sending GC home with leftovers.

Corey has to work a change window at 2am so he is napping now. I'm staying up to make sure he gets back up. ;-)

Kali is doing great. She sleeps well in our bathroom at night and doesn't cry when it is bedtime anymore. She has gone in there to nap on her blanket a couple of times. She has found her way to the litter box and is using it pretty good on her own. We take her in there a few times each day as well if we think it has been a while. She is curious, a climber and so playful. She has figured out the stairs although it takes her a while to get to the top..and then she is worn out & ready for a nap. Seriously! The little monkey has also figured out that she can climb a few steps, slip through the banister and get on the DVD player or the TV! She meows at closed doors (including the fridge & laundry doors) and will sit at the spot where her food bowl goes and meow at us when she's ready to eat.

May 15, 2007

Welcome Kali Larabie

We have a new addition to our family....Kali Larabie. We think she is about 5-6 weeks old. She's beautiful and we are all in love already.

Isn't she precious?? We think so! She is the lone kitten left from the Kitty Rescue Mission.
She is a tiny, calico kitten that Mama Kitty didn't move the last time she moved the family. Apparently after our neighbors found the kittens, Mama Kitty moved the kittens *inside* the shed of the neighbors another house over. It was open while they were doing yard work. Unfortunately they closed it up without knowing that Mama Kitty & kittens were inside..and went away for 5 days. When the opened the shed up again for more yard work Mama Kitty came running out. They felt horrible but didn't know she was in there. They found 4 kittens running around. They had just adopted a big fat orange cat & so got some food & water for the kittens. They said the poor kittens were SO hungry. There was a small window in the shed that was open & had a screen but that would have only let in a little breeze (if that). They have a low, wire fence across the doorway of their shed to prevent possums & skunks from going in there but that didn't stop Mama Kitty. It did keep the babies in after she ran off when the door opened. They left the shed open so she could come back and apparently she did but only for 3 of the babies. They've waited over a week & she hasn't come back again. They've been feeding this one but couldn't take it inside because their cat was having a fit (and he's big). Morgan and I went over today & asked them if they had seen the mama & kittens and they told us the story & took us to see the kitten. We brought her home and she's here to stay. Wepicked her name because she is calico and because Kali is the name of a we took that spelling instead of Callie/Calli. :-D

May 10, 2007

Just a Thursday

Really, just another Thursday. Morgan did really well for a child covered in spots that hurt & itch, has a low grade fever and a headache. Poor thing does feel really jipped possibly having chicken pox after getting the vaccine. I agree with her. She's worried about how well she will sleep tonight because the ones on her back & sides are starting to really bother her.

Last night Corey & I watched Blood Diamond. Oh my gosh...extremely moving! I tell ya I don't want anymore diamonds and feel bad about the ones we do have in our family. I think everyone should see that movie and say goodbye to diamonds.

I also wanted to comment on The Illusionist. I totally wasn't into it in the beginning...too much like The Prestige. But I must say that as it got further along I started liking it and it was much better than The Prestige. It kept us in suspense, trying to figure it out. Whereas with The Prestige we had it figured out pretty early. The ending was better in this movie. LOL

A curse from chickens?

Morgan has spots. Apparently she & Alex noticed some spots yesterday but didn't tell me because they figured they were hives or bug bites. This morning her trunk was covered and she has some behind her knees. Her face, neck & extremities are free of spots, so far. She was already scheduled to see the pediatrician tomorrow for an asthma check up so we will get confirmation on what these are. We believe they are chicken pox. Morgan googled "chicken pox" this morning and came to let me know "Did you know that a pox is a curse?" So I said " chicken pox is a curse from chickens??" She got a good laugh at that.

May 8, 2007

HP Club wraps up

Tonight was "Magic Market" night with the HP Club. The members got to shop using their points. Morgan was the point leader...she was very proud. The top 5 in points got to shop first and then they went by house according to house points. They had to spend all of their points. Morgan had almost 3000! LOL! The most expensive item was 450 she ended up coming out with 3 bags full of stuff...a ton of books! I'll have to look at everything she got tomorrow. Some of what she got was for Alex. I thought it was very sweet that she let him look through the list & pick out several things. While each house was shopping the other members had snacks & drinks and/or could look through their goodies if they had already shopped. After everyone had finished shopping they wrapped up their meeting with thank you gifts for this year's prefects, announced head girl & boy (highest points for girl & boy) and Morgan was head girl. She was thrilled & surprised I think. LOL! Then they announced prefects for next year. Morgan will be one of the prefects for her house. She was beyond thrilled! I volunteered to be a house parent (a new thing they are trying to have parents involved to help the advisor).

All-in-all a busy day for us.... pick up van from mechanic, authors club followed by park day (all at the same place), then soccer practice for Alex and HP Club for Morgan.

Corey and I are watching The Illusionist. Well, I'm not that into it...seems too much like The Prestige.

May 7, 2007

Squirt, squeal, surprise!

This evening Corey and I were talking with one of our nextdoor neighbors about plants, the neighborhood,etc. The kids came to ask if they could play with the water hose to squirt off their chalk drawings in the driveway and to get each other wet. We said yes so off they went. Within a few minutes we were hearing squeals of laughter. Ahhh, the lovely sounds of children enjoying themselves. Sweet music to my ears. And oh so much better than the complaining & fussing I hear too often.
Suddenly Morgan comes running over to us because Alex is squirting her "too much" and she's getting "too wet". Umm..isn't wet, wet? ;-) Well, Alex decides to continue squirting her and then aims for the adults. Surprise! LOL! Corey goes after the hose and gets it (while getting a little wet) and squirts Alex back. Alex abandons the front water hose and grabs the back water hose that Morgan had abandoned and starts squirting again. Suddenly he turns the hose on me! I say goodbye to the neighbor & he goes back to planting his cherry tomatoes. I turn my attention to my wet, laughing son who is squirting me with the water hose. I get the hose from him but not before I get pretty wet.
Corey had to go back inside to work a change window for work. Morgan had the front water hose and finished rinsing off the chalk drawings and watering some of the front plants. Alex and I were in the backyard with the back water hose. He grabbed one of his super soakers and had me fill it. Fun, squirting, squealing, and laughing ensued. We had a good time getting each other soaking wet. Morgan ended up coming back & getting the other super soaker & joining our fun. After about 20-30 minutes of this the 3 of us were soaked to the skin. We came inside, dried off & changed into dry clothes...jammies really.
It was a gorgeous evening, temps in the low 70's and just perfect for our family water fun time. :-) Just gotta love times like this and embed them deep into our memories.

May 6, 2007

Catch up time

Thursday was a fairly quiet day. We've been outside almost every evening playing family soccer or baseball. The kids & I have been on our kitty rescue mission as well. We haven't found the kitties yet but are still working on it. Friday we met up with Shannon & the kids at Chuck E. Cheese in Franklin. The kids had a great time together and Shannon & I got to do lots of talking. Friday evening Corey had a hankering to go bowling so we headed to the local bowling alley. We got a regular lane instead of a bumper lane since Morgan is in the hs'ing league now and we want her to continue getting used to that. Alex was a little upset because we wanted him to try throwing the bowling ball instead of using the kiddie ramp. Morgan did really good. The place was hopping, can you tell we live in a little city? LOL! The different types of people there took me by surprise. And smoking is still allowed so once it started getting packed it got smokey...blech! We came home smelling like chimneys.

Saturday we had Alex's soccer game. GC got to come to this one. Finally! She's had to work every weekend and hasn't been able to come to any games so far this spring season. It started raining right at the end of the game, good timing. Afterwards, GC took both kids with her. They had some errands to run & were working on a project (for me for Mother's Day). So Cor & I had some kid-free time. Woo! It doesn't happen often. We decided to try out the new internet coffee house that just opened down the street. It was nice. While there we saw some stuff on the tornado that wiped out Greensburg, Kansas. :-( The whole town...just sad. After we finished our chai & latte we headed to the library for some grown up book searching. We each got some books. We were due to meet up with mom, the kids, Michael & Tish for dinner at 5pm. Mom & the kids were running late so we pushed back the time. Cor & I were running ahead of schedule so spent some time wandering around Target before meeting up at Chili's. Corey had to work tonight so I started a new book, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.

Tomorrow should be a lazy family day.

May 3, 2007

Bowling League week 2

Morgan had her 2nd week of bowling league today. She worked all week with a gallon milk jug full of water to get used to swinging 8 lbs so she could use a "real" bowling ball. Well, she did it. She used an 8 lb. ball for all 3 games today. Her scores were 69, 96, and 98. Plus she got a couple spares and her first STRIKE!! She was thrilled. It is so neat to watch how different she is around all the other kids. She tries harder and takes things in stride and accepts their congratulations and praise, help and tips with such ease. I'm very proud of her. She told me tonight that her next goal (after using the 8 lb. ball & getting a strike) is to break 100. I think she will do it and soon.

Corey had today off for a comp day from his pager duty last week so he got to come watch. That made her very happy too. :-)

May 2, 2007

FAT - This is fabulous!

Go Joy Nash! Yep, I'm fat. I have fat family members and friends. Most of the fat people I've known, including myself, have worked on it all our lives or should I say all our fat lives. Since most of us haven't been fat since birth. I know I wasn't and it sneaks up on you. Yes, there are health risks for those of us that are at the higher end of fat but I live my life, do stuff with my kids & family, worry about my health & their's. I also enjoy as much as I can. I dance with my husband when I feel like. I'm not going to sit out because I'm not a size 4 & look all hot. LOL!

Anyway, here is a rant that I think is fabulous!

Live your life to the fullest no matter what size you are. :-)