May 25, 2007

Fence, pictures and updates

Corey's mom, stepdad, 2 stepbrothers, their wives and 1 child (other 4 children were in school or at work...teen boys) came to visit on Wednesday. They got to come watch Morgan at her bowling league. Her bowling ball came in, was drilled to fit & she got to start using it. She was thrilled about the ball but upset because her score took a hit while she adjusts. We then grilled out a ton of food and had a great time visiting with family.

On Thursday my brother came over to start working on our fence. After putting out stakes & running twine where we wanted the fence to go he started digging. The first 2 post holes were difficult to dig despite the post hole digger and dig bar because we have rock....some compact but broken rock but most of it solid, granite-type rock...anywhere from 2 inches to 15 inches down. We decided we had better go rent a chipping hammer or my brother would die trying to dig holes. Once we got that taken care of it went better...still hard but better than if we didn't have it. It took him the rest of the day to get post holes dug & posts set in concrete on 1 side of the yard and then most of the post holes dug on the other side. He returned Friday morning, thank Goddess he came back after the physically punishing day on Thursday, and finished up the post holes with a little time to spare. Morgan & I returned the chipping hammer before the 24 hour period was up. Yeah. Michael got the rest of the posts set in concrete, cut the post tops off on the first side and started the boards. I had to leave for a bit for some medical stuff (read about further down) and when I returned all the boards were done on the first side....oooh almost a fence! After lunch we all went out and worked to finish up. We did it! All we have left to do is hang the gate (it is made but the cement needs to set & cure a bit before we hang it) and put wire around the bottom so little dogs can't get out. Woo! I put pictures up...see the link over to the right under photo albums.

I had my abdominal ultrasound to check my gall bladder today. It meant no dinner last night, nothing after midnight. Only prob was that my appointment was at 1:15pm! I couldn't wake up, work outside & go until 1:15pm with nothing so I had a glass of ice water this morning & took my chances. ;-) I'll let everyone know when I get the results.

I also put up some pictures of Kali. Check on the right under photo albums.


At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kelly, do you have a large gall stone or many small ones?
I opted to have mine removed with a large stone and in hindsight I shouldn't have. The removal causes some other issues down the road (limiting certain foods and so on - even the development of an equally painful ailment)
But of course if you have small stones that can block and cause serious damage, get the sucker taken out!

Great news on the fence! I'm jealous.. We really need to get ours installed, but its importance has fallen way down the list this year.


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