May 10, 2007

Just a Thursday

Really, just another Thursday. Morgan did really well for a child covered in spots that hurt & itch, has a low grade fever and a headache. Poor thing does feel really jipped possibly having chicken pox after getting the vaccine. I agree with her. She's worried about how well she will sleep tonight because the ones on her back & sides are starting to really bother her.

Last night Corey & I watched Blood Diamond. Oh my gosh...extremely moving! I tell ya I don't want anymore diamonds and feel bad about the ones we do have in our family. I think everyone should see that movie and say goodbye to diamonds.

I also wanted to comment on The Illusionist. I totally wasn't into it in the beginning...too much like The Prestige. But I must say that as it got further along I started liking it and it was much better than The Prestige. It kept us in suspense, trying to figure it out. Whereas with The Prestige we had it figured out pretty early. The ending was better in this movie. LOL


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