April 26, 2007

Update on ArTrainUSA visit

I posted on Tuesday about our disappointing field trip to the ArTrainUSA exhibit in Watertown, TN and my evaluation and email through the website. I just have to share this update with you. I received an email response from the President & CEO of ArTrainUSA, Debra Polich. She apologized for our disappointing visit and made an offer to send some items to each family in our group to help us increase the educational benefit of the field trip.

I have to say that when I sent the email from the website I figured it would go to a customer service person, secretary or web master/mistress. I am very impressed with the sincere concern displayed for our field trip not being the level we felt it should be and the efforts being made to help come up with a resolution that will benefit the children. To me this shows a high level of customer care, concern for the art & cultural education of children and the community. They really do have a lot to offer and I think we just had a rare experience.

I feel the idea and thought of ArTrainUSA is a fabulous one. A great way of bringing various art pieces, cultural events to such a wide range of communities. Native Views on ArTrain is scheduled through the end of 2007. I encourage you to check out their website to see if it will be in your area. You can click here to go visit their site. We look forward to seeing what exhibit ArTrainUSA offers with their next tour. We will certainly visit if it comes near us.


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