April 17, 2007


We got to watch Morgan play Quidditch this evening. The HP Club had some more house games tonight at a local park. The houses played a version of Quidditch and then had a turn in the Snitch Field. This was HP questions (hard ones) on small slips of paper inside eggs hidden in roped off areas of the park. Each team had to find the eggs, answer the questions & put them in their teams bag. They could ask a team member to help with the answer but if they didn't know then they could put the paper back in the egg & re-hide it. Wrong answers counted against them. They also had a broom decorating contest. The kids all had a great time. Corey got to be a broom judge, Alex and I got to monitor one of the Snitch Fields and we all helped pick up everything. The HP Club is having a pizza & movie night on Friday and both kids are going.

Monday I had my crown prep done...wheee. Not bad except for the numb nose part from the shots. LOL! I go back in 2 weeks for the crowns. The tech had me laughing (and maybe a wee bit worried) when she said "Just don't floss around them right now. And if one comes off just put a little toothpaste on it and pop it back on. You know, if on a weekend when you can't come in." Ack...so toothpaste will hold on temporary dental work, huh? At Morgan's dance class we got the ticket order form for the recital. So that makes it a little more real for her. We also got a phone call from my brother telling us that Tish possibly broke her ankle on Sunday evening. He had taken her to the ER and they said it was a bad sprain. She got an appointment with an Orthopedist for Monday and they were headed there. Well, as it would turn out her ankle *is* broken..ER radiologist or doc missed it. She was riding her horse Sunday evening and he lost his footing in some mud. She lost her seat and as she was falling he got his footing again & when she landed it was completely on her right foot/ankle. There is a lot of ligament damage and they are worried about that. She will get a cast on Wednesday, they need the swelling to go down, and she'll have that for 4-6 weeks. Then they will see if she needs surgery. Poor thing was preparing for a horse show so that is out for now. Send good thoughts, energies or prayers her way so that ankle heals nicely.

Today the kids and I had a bunch of errands to run on the way to park day. We stopped at the library, had a visit with Mecca & got some more books, stopped by the recycling center and dropped off all our recycling...and Morgan battled her bee fear! Then we grabbed lunch and then stopped at Publix in Spring Hill (only one around us) to order Alex's birthday cake. He specifically requested a Publix birthday cake. Silly boy. He picked one with an "Over The Hedge" theme. We finally got to the park about 2pm and got to spend time talking & playing with new friends. We got home about 4:30 and figured out dinner and then headed to the park for Morgan's HP Club meeting.

Alex approached Mecca at the meeting and asked her if she was the manager of the HP Club. She said she was in charge and he told her that when he was 6 he wanted to join and he wanted to be in the same group as his sister. I thought the whole exchange was so cute, he sounded so grown up, but had to step in & express my desire that the kids NOT be in the same house in the club. I think it will be good for him.

We have found an animal shelter where Morgan can volunteer if parent is with her. It is in Nashville but we are going to check into taking their orientation class & get started. Some friends are doing it too.


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