April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Catch up time for me.

Wednesday arrived as a horribly stormy day. We knew it was a wet one and Morgan & I were going to head up to Nashville for "park day" at B&N with some other hs'ing families. Alas, the storms became severe w/hail and threats of tornadoes. So sorry but I'm not driving anywhere in that. LOL! Morgan didn't argue, she wasn't happy with the sounds coming from the weather outside. So, we had a quiet day at home.

Thursday we hit up the library and the kids each checked out 5 books and I started one of mine, When The Wind Blows by James Patterson. Then we decided to go look at dogs at our local animal shelter PAWS of Maury County . So many of the dogs were cute and seemed so sweet. My fingers got covered with doggie licks. After washing up we headed to see the kitties at Alex's request. We had one big gray & white striped kitty that was sooo very lovey & friendly. She kept headbutting me when I stopped petting her. OMG if Morgan hadn't started sneezing her head off we might have come home with a kitty.

Today we had a field trip planned. We met up with some hs'ing friends (Shannon & her 2 daughters, Tayler & Autumn) at The Factory at Franklin and went to
Third Coast Clay so we could paint some ceramics. You pick your piece, paint it, and they do the glazing & firing for you. It is only $6 for the studio fee and then the price of your piece. Alex picked a heart shaped plaque for $10 and Morgan picked a horse figurine, also $10. It was great fun and we can't wait to see the finished products when they are ready for pick up next Friday. No one else was there so we got a bonus to our field trip. The ladies brought the kids to the back of the shop and showed them the process that they go through with the pieces. We got to see the glaze & watch them glaze a piece and see the kilns. It is amazing how hot they get... 1800 degrees! We then showed Shannon, Tayler and Autumn our favorite places inside The Factory. We all went to Happy Tales Animal Shelter and played with the kitties and visited the dogs that they now have there. We went to The Fairy Grotto too. Then we headed to Puckett's for lunch. So yum...sweet potato fries! GC got out of work on time today (first time in weeks) and so we picked up Corey and then met GC at a chinese restaurant for dinner. This restaurant has a good buffet and offers sushi. Morgan cracked me up as she was eating one of her pieces of sushi...she picks it up and takes a bite and smiles. Then she says, "What is this? Hmm...ooh this is octopus...that is a tentacle...cool I just love octopus!" and she takes another bite. Just cracked me up. This is just one side of her that I love so much.

No set plans for the weekend yet. It is Mule Day weekend here in Columbia and we might take the kids to see the parade tomorrow and we will be meeting up with Michael & Tish at the Mule Day celebration on Sunday. We shall see what else we do. I need to help GC & do some Cleaning Fairy work for her.

I've lost 11 lbs so far just from taking my medication. Now to get some exercising in to help it out. Everything else is going pretty good.


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