April 8, 2007

Eggs, eggs, eggs

Deviled, filled, hidden, hunted, and eaten. Today had a lot to do with eggs. This morning Morgan and I made a cake...orange flavored with orange chocolate frosting drizzled over it. We then made deviled eggs. Both of these were to take over to Michael's house for our family get together. We met up at GC's house and rode over with her. With my brother's driveway it is easier to take one vehicle over to his house. We park at a pull-through spot and he picks us up and takes us up to the house. You have to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get up & down his driveway. LOL! So he provides shuttle service for us. My aunt & cousin were coming too so once they arrived, Corey, Alexa and I went outside to hide filled plastic eggs for the kids. Then they came out to hunt for them. They were so funny running around and the 4 dogs were outside too. No, the dogs didn't help and didn't get any of the eggs.

We had a delicious dinner of honey ham, mac & cheese, green bean casserole, regular green beans, and corn bread. We had a veggie plate and deviled eggs earlier. For dessert we had our orange cake w/orange chocolate frosting and a carrot cake...such choices! The company and the food were great.

We took pictures and I'll work on getting them up tomorrow.

Earlier in the day we talked with Corey's mom and found out when they are coming down to visit. One of the grandson's that lives over in Tullahoma will be graduating at the end of May so they are coming for that and a nice family visit. She also let us know that Corey's younger brother's reserve unit is slated to head to Iraq at the end of the summer. :-( So we are staying posted on that one.


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