March 19, 2007

Quiet Monday

Definitely a quiet Monday here at the Larabie house. Corey started his pager week this morning and ended up working late today. The kids and I made chocolate chip cookies today. We were out of brown sugar so I used demarra sugar instead. We were also out of pecans...ack! So nutless cookies (sorry but I just LOVE pecans in chocolate chip cookies...that is how they are supposed to be made) is what we have. They are still yummy. :-) Morgan put on a concert for us this afternoon with some songs that she made up just for the concert. Very cute. I really am amazed sometimes with how creative she is. She had her dance classes and they are almost done with their recital routines. Next week we can go watch her during class. I got the sewing machine out and fixed some pants for my mom and Morgan's jammies (had to take in the elastic). I need to do some more sewing while the machine is out. Hmmm....just not sure what. Tomorrow Alex has soccer practice and I think we will head to the library and do some gardening. Otherwise it will be another quiet day.

Ooh...I have to report I've lost another 2 lbs. This morning was weigh-in. So far I've lost 8 lbs. I'm just thrilled. I hope it continues. I've got to start helping the medicine along. LOL! Corey said for me to imagine what we can do if we start walking,etc. Yep! Now we just have to do it.


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