March 14, 2007

Yard Work Wednesday

First off I just have to say that it feels wonderful to have a yard all our own in which to be doing yard work. LOL! During Corey's lunch break we went outside and planted the 2 grape plants that he bought on Sunday. There is one white seedless and one black seedless. We put them near the deck stairs. We framed out a raised garden bed the other day and Corey got that all cleared out and put several bags of soil into it. Meanwhile I went around the outside of the house and trimmed up the various bushes & trees (well, as high as I could reach). It felt really good to be out there working in the yard and knowing it is our's and we can do whatever we want. The kids seemed to really enjoy it too. Morgan commented that gardening made her feel happy. She did tell me it was a lot of work and she wasn't expecting that. She said, "I thought it was like those commercials you see where you roll out the carpet of seeds & water it and voila you have flowers." LOL! She did agree that it would be really neat to see what all came of our hard work.

We met Alex's soccer coach & teammates yesterday. Everyone seems nice and I think he'll have a good season. It is supposed to be chilly Saturday morning when they have their first game (9am). Morgan finished reading Hoot and read an adapted version of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. She loved it. Alex finished his A to Z Mystery book tonight at bedtime. Both kids want to go to movie night on Friday with the HP Club, but Alex insists that I must come with him or he will be too scared. The movie is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so I said I'd go. I think he is finally wanting to become more involved in things but isn't quite ready to do it on his own. I want him to see it can be fun.

And before I forget again, The Guardian was a great movie!


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