February 17, 2007

We have the van back. Yea! I just can't tell you how happy that makes me. LOL! To have music while driving, knowing how fast you are really going, and all that good stuff. It is the little things that make me smile. ;-) Hopefully it will be good for a while. After picking up the van on Friday afternoon we ran to Wal-mart (not my favorite place but the only option around here), Blockbuster to get a couple of free movies (trade in your Netflix labels for free rentals this weekend), and then met up with my mom for dinner. We decided to try a chinese restaurant near us. Well, it was better than the last place we all tried but kind of bland. What a bummer. I think part of the problem is lack of competition in our town...no need to kick it up a notch. At Blockbuster the kids got Sky High and we got Marie Antoinette. After dinner, Corey and Alex headed home while Mom, Morgan and I went to Hobby Lobby to look for a couple of things my mom wanted. Then we took Morgan to the library for her movie night.

This morning it snowed a little bit and we were all excited. They were calling for snow off & on all day with accummulation of an inch or so. We headed out for some errands...recycle center, grocery store,etc...and the snow was coming down and the wind was really blowing....but nothing was sticking. As we went into the grocery store I overheard someone coming out say "Oh my gosh, it is like a blizzard or something!" I tell ya, I almost pee'd in my pants hearing that. Honey this isn't even SNOW snow...nothing sticking....not even remotely close to a blizzard! Heck even growing up in FL I wouldn't think what we had was near "blizzard" category. Anyway, had to share that funny comment. We had hopes that eventually some of the snow would stick. We had invited my mom, brother & his girlfriend over for dinner at our house. Unfortunately my brother lives at a higher altitude and a little further north than us and the snow was sticking at his house and the slush that had come down earlier was now frozen making his already treacherous driveway too risky. Since we didn't want them risking life, limb or vehicle just to come to dinner we all figured it was best for them to stay put. So mom came over and we had a delicious french toast casserole (if you want the recipe just holler & I'll share) and played some card games. It slushed, rained & then snowed some more but nothing was sticking. Oh well....can't have everything. We watched Marie Antoinette this afternoon - good movie. Tonight Corey and I watched Contact after putting the kids to bed. We thought that was pretty good too. I know it is an older movie but I have never seen it and was curious.

Tomorrow we are going to try to have my brother & his girlfriend over if the weather and their driveway will cooperate. As much as we would like more snow, it isn't in the forecast and I want to see them. Otherwise we will be gearing up for our week. At the end of it Morgan and I will be heading to Jacksonville with my mom so we can all visit my grandmother. I wish we could "swing by" Tampa to say HI to our friends but just not in the cards.


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