February 8, 2007

Spa Day?

After school this morning Morgan decided she needed a spa day. She went upstairs and changed clothes, packed some American Girl lotion and lip gloss. She came downstairs, got a towel and some nail polish out of our bathroom and proceeded to set up her spa on the dining room floor right in front of the french doors in a little patch of sunlight tht was streaming through the windows. She gave herself a foot massage with the lotion and then polished her toenails and fingernails. Then she decided that she needed a smoothie made with a recipe from one of her American Girl books. She made it herself and then took it over to her towel. She lay down for a few minutes and then asked me if we had any cucumber slices for her eyes. When I told her that we didn't she asked if carrots would do the same thing. She thought they were for blocking the sun out of your eyes. I had to chuckle. She continued enjoying her smoothie and relaxing in the sunlight. Meanwhile, I enjoyed a wonderful Mom moment, watching her daughter have such fun and took such delight in creating a nice day for herself.

Just one of those days that I'm glad we homeschool and we were all home so we could experience this.


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