January 21, 2007

Another weekend has come and gone. On Friday we had some homeschooling friends come over. We haven't seen them since before Yule and Christmas so we have missed them. It was Autumn's 9th birthday so Morgan had a gift for her, a horse figurine that she had painted herself. The kids all had some cake to celebrate and we grabbed lunch to take to the park. The girls all wanted to go but maaaaaan it was windy and cold. LOL! The kids still had a blast and Corey, Shannon & I got to talk quite a bit. It was nice having Corey off work and friends over. Morgan went to movie night with her HP Club. When she got home she was showing us her loose tooth...she could push it until it flipped almost upside down. I was worried she would swallow it in her sleep & convinced her to pull it. She barely grabbed it and it popped out. There was no blood or anything. This was her 13th tooth! My goodness. Corey had a weird movie from his Netflix queue and we watched it...too weird for me so I barely paid attention. It was The Black Dahlia if anyone else wants to try it. Saturday we had GC over for dinner and family fun. Corey, GC, Morgan and I all played a game of Scrabble. Morgan held her own with the 3 adults. Today we borrowed GC's car and headed into Cool Springs for a Costco run. The samples were yummy. LOL! We grabbed some Chinese for dinner at a local restaurant we've thought about trying...finally did it. It was pretty good and didn't cost a fortune which is always nice. We watched the football games and I feel bad for the Saints but we are glad that the Colts are in...sure beats the Patriots. Corey wasn't going to watch The Superbowl if it was going to be the Bears and the Patriots. Me, I could care less but it was fun to watch the Colts come back during the 2nd half of their game.

Our weather is driving me nuts. It has been chilly or cold every day but mostly gray & dreary or downright raining. Yuck! We aren't in an area that gets a lot of snow but darn we usually get some. I wish we would get some snow!

We are still trying to figure out the vehicle situation. Fun, huh? We have filed our taxes and I must say I really wish we didn't owe from last year because the full refund would be nice this year. At least we are getting back enough to cover what we still owe from last year & have some left over....car fund I think.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.


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