December 28, 2006

The Larabie Family - Christmas Day 2006

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We certainly did. Kelly's aunt and uncle arrived on the 23rd (from Illinois) and the visiting started. On Christmas Eve we took cookie platters to the fire station and police station as a Christmas gift and a "Thank You" for all they do. Then we all went to Michael's house for a cocktail party complete with fire in the fireplace and a bonfire outside. Well, it was supposed to be a bonfire but we could only get a portion of it going because it had rained for a couple of days & got the wood damp. It was still nice. Tish's mother and youngest sister had come to visit (from FL) so we got to see them as well. We left about 9pm because we needed to get the kids to bed. We managed to get home, leave out cookies, milk & a note for Santa, sprinkle magic reindeer food outside (front & back), do the last night on the Advent Calendar and get the kids to bed by 10pm. Of course, Corey and I had to stay up a while to make sure everyone was asleep and finish "preparing" for Santa's visit.

Christmas morning arrived about 7am at the Larabie house. Morgan and Alex started in on their stockings while Kelly and Corey got Diet Coke and coffee. Then they opened their 2 Santa gifts (Morgan - Barbie stable & Tawney the walking horse, Alex - Lego Airplane city set and a Magna Doodle/Etch-a-Sketch combo pack) and then the presents from us. Morgan did a good job of handing out gifts and made sure that Corey and I took turns opening gifts as well. It wasn't chaotic or crazy...which was nice. We took our time and enjoyed looking at each gift. By 9am we were ready for breakfast. The kids got to play with some of their gifts and Corey & I started working on the food we were taking over to Kelly's mom's house for Christmas dinner.

Christmas afternoon found us at GC's house (Kelly's mom) surrounded by family. In attendance were: Kelly, Corey, Morgan & Alex, GC, Michael & Tish (Kelly's brother & his girlfriend), Aunt Susan & Uncle Jeff (Kelly's aunt, GC's sister and her husband), Aunt Ilene (Kelly's other aunt...her husband & Kelly's dad were brothers), and Beth & Kelly (Tish's mom & youngest sister). We had stockings filled for everyone, gifts galore...GC went *nuts* as usual. LOL! Seriously folks, gift overload. It was fun, wonderful and sooo chaotic (the gift opening part). Everyone had such a great time. But I tell ya....when we got home I was in sensory overload, had NO clue what my children had received as gifts and from whom, I didn't know what *I* had received! Eeeek! I think we fell into bed & didn't move.

On Tuesday, Morgan, GC & I went shopping at Target (our day after Christmas tradition) but didn't find much. Aunt Susan & Uncle Jeff headed into Nashville to pick up Pete (Susan's son) from the airport. We met up for lunch and then met up with Corey & Alex back at GC's house. Corey had to go back to work and so Alex had stayed home to play with Daddy. We had a great visit, opened gifts from Pete, had dinner & played games. Another late night...very unusual for our children. I'm beginning to wonder how we will ever get them back on their normal schedule after all of this is over. LOL!

Yesterday, we did our own thing during the day but then had everyone over for burgers on the grill at our house. You know...nice & simple, just the 10 of us. LOL

Tonight we are heading back over to Michael's house for chili and one more night of visiting because on Friday Susan, Jeff & Pete all head home. GC will have a few more days of visiting and I'm thinking that she will spend it recovering. ;-)

I have pictures on my computer but have NOT had time to upload them anywhere so the family pic above is all you get for the moment. Take care.

Happy New Year!


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