December 3, 2006

Let the baking begin. LOL! Today we made oatmeal cookies and peanut butter blossoms (peanut butter w/choc kisses). So that is 2 down. ;-) Cookies baking always make the house smell so good. :-) This afternoon we went over to my mom's house so Corey could help my brother work on the fence. He is making her a 4 board fence and has all the posts in and is now working on the boards. They were doing good until the nail gun jammed so bad they couldn't get it to clear. While at my mom's house, Alex fell off her bed while watching TV. I was outside and heard my mom screaming for me & Alex screaming. I came running in to find my mom holding a screaming, sobbing Alex, while he clutched his right arm to his body. Mom was so worried that he had broken his collar bone or dislocated his shoulder or something. I finally got him to calm down enough to answer questions & show me where it hurt. He kept placing his hand under his right arm & against his ribs...and was very worried that he was bleeding. I think he fell with his arm out & something caught him under his arm. Nothing seems out of place or causing him pain or trouble so I think it is all just bruised.

It is COLD here and we are loving it. Just wish we had some pretty snow. I have to laugh because I think it would be neat for the kids to have snow because Alex doesn't remember it at all & Morgan does just a little. However, I do not want the mess that comes with it...tracking mucky snow into the house, puddles by the doors,etc. Also, snow is only pretty when it is freshly fallen snow...after that it becomes dirty, yucky stuff.

Tonight at dinner Morgan got hit with a severe headache. The onset was very sudden & took us all by surprise. We had just started eating & she pushed her plate away, was crying that the light, the noise & everything was just too much. We were out with my mom & didn't have anything with us that might help her. Corey ate quickly & then took her home. Mom, Alex & I finished up and stopped at Walgreen's on the way home because we just weren't sure we had something at the house to help her. I gave her some Jr. Tylenol and within 45 mins of taking it the headache was gone. During the headache her cheeks were BRIGHT pink almost like she had been smacked or something. When the headache had subsided her cheeks were back to normal. I hope this was an isolated event.

May tomorrow be less eventful! LOL! At least in the drama/trama scheme of things.

Ooh, I almost forgot. I just have to share. First I have to say that we still have our Tampa phone numbers for our cell phones. So, yesterday (Saturday), I get this phone call on my cell phone from my half-brother, Donny, who is living in Ocala, FL. He and a friend are in the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area and he wanted to check on some directions and also to see if he could stop by to say hi & visit. After chuckling for a minute, I had to let him know that we were no longer in Tampa. I thought for sure he had been in all the notices when we were letting people know about our move. And I know that my step-brothers & everyone know about the move so I would have thought for sure that he would have been told. LOL! He thought it was funny and said he would have to plan a trip up here since so much family is up here now. Sooo...Dad, if you are reading this...let Donny know our new information when you talk to him. He said he was going to email me so hopefully I hear from him again. ;-)


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