November 15, 2006

Hump Day in a busy week! :-) We have joined an organic co-op (get everything from places like Wild Oats & more) and went to our first delivery. You must attend a delivery & distribution day once before you can officially start making orders. We picked up some whole wheat flour & some speciality organic choc bars while there. The chocolate is amazing!! We got milk chocolate with chai and dark chocolate & chili peppers. Both yum! It took a little while because the truck was a little late and then we have to open all the cases, divide everything up based on all the orders and then check out. Morgan was a big help & had fun too. While waiting for the truck we got to meander around the mall. Our delivery takes place at The Factory @ Franklin . It is a neat place. So after that Morgan & I managed to get home with just seconds to get her ready for dance class & managed to get here there only 3 minutes late. LOL! *PHEW*
Amazingly enough we had been able to get some homeschooling done in the morning. Yesterday school went good, got some needed things done around the house and then got Morgan off to her Harry Potter Club meeting at the library. They were doing Japanese culture this month and got to try their hand at drawing anime style, traditional Japanese writing, using chopsticks, and origami. The kids all had a blast. Today was the last musical theatre class and it ran long since they wanted to get everything set for the performances on Friday night. I haven't seen any of their practices so I can't wait to see the show! Tomorrow we will start working on Morgan's edible book entry. She has picked Dear Children of the Earth: A Letter from Home . I am really curious to see how our vision turns out. Then Friday we have to get up to Nashville early because traffic will be horrible around the time we need to be there. Morgan has to be there by 5 p.m. and the performances are at 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. I'll take pictures! Then on Saturday we have to take the edible book entry to the library for judging.

I know this might not be busy for a lot of people but it is busy for us. LOL! We don't usually have this much running around & things planned each week. Next week is Thanksgiving and we are hosting. Yea!! I think it will be fun and I'm not stressed about it. We will also be doing some visiting the days following Thanksgiving so that will be fun.


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