November 10, 2006

Poor Corey is just mentally wiped out. He's been working on a very important project at work. This project going smoothly is a must and is the ground floor for a few other projects (read lots of work for the future) very stressful. It has been behind some and they are finally getting some issues worked out. It goes "live" next weekend. He has had meetings booked back-to-back, no breaks, for several days and there is more of the same until this project is up & running. So my sweet hubby is just wiped.

Late this afternoon we headed up into Nashville to meet up with my mom and brother at Opry Mills. We wandered around & did a little shopping and then headed out to dinner. We were going to try a place where a friend of my brother is the chef. Turns out the place is a bar & grill which isn't bad in itself but there was no division of the smoking & non-smoking was a small place & all open and when we walked in we were all gagging. Well, with 2 kids and 1 adult with asthma there was just noooo way we were staying there. So we ended up wandering over to Cracker Barrel, waiting a couple weeks to be seated & get food, and finally got to eat dinner. The kids were good, we had lots of time to chat, so it all worked out just fine. On the way home we ran into a huge traffic snare due to construction on the interstate. They are putting up a new overpass or something so not only did they merge 4 lanes of traffic into 1 lane (plus had traffic merging onto the interstate right at that point) but then they would close the lane completely while the huge crane was lifting a piece of huge concrete slab into place. Oh my goodness...we discovered all of this as soon as it was too late for us to get off the interstate...of course!

Tomorrow we will be out & about some and then we have a busy week ahead of us. I'll check in.


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