October 20, 2006


Ugh! What fun. The server that our site is on was hacked by some delightful, intelligent, productive dipsh*ts from Turkey. It is lovely to see that some people have absolutely nothing better to do with their time, energy or BRAINS then to mess with other people's stuff. Seriously, what sense of satisfaction do you get from hacking into a server that is mainly personal web pages. You aren't "messing with Corporate America" or "big business" or "making a stand for the little guy".

Anyway, thanks to Ted and the hosting company..and I think Corey helped too...we are all back up and running. So a big THANK YOU to Ted, hosting company & Corey. :-)

And a big *ppbbbbblllltttt* to the dingbats that did this in the first place...get a life & leave our's alone. :-)

All is going well here. We had 2 warm days and I think those days are done for the year. Woo hoo! We are back in the cool, AUTUMN weather days...highs in the low 60's and lows in the low 40's/upper 30's...and just LOVING IT! If anyone wants to escape the heat just give us a holler and you can come visit.

Morgan's musical theatre class is almost ready for their performance (mid-November) and we are starting on costumes and hand props. I'm sewing the costumes from an idea I had so wish us luck! LOL! We found a kit to make icicle ornaments (from beads) and are creating various icicle and ice "weapons" that Morgan and her fellow ice sprites need. I'll take pictures when I've finished.

We had friends over yesterday that we met through the hs'ing park day and musical theatre class. Morgan, Autumn and Tayler are all close in age (just turned 8, 8 almost 9 and 9 almost 10). They are so funny together...get along fabulously. Poor Alex is definitely the odd man out though. He really wants to join in all the fun but gets upset that they don't want to do what he wants to do and we get a lot of fussing from him. There are boys his age at park day so we'll have to figure out a boy play date.

We had a little worry with our bunny, Parker a few days ago. He stopped eating anything (even his favorite yogurt drops) and wasn't moving around much. He didn't kick & fuss when I picked him up either. Thankfully he was drinking & going to the bathroom so we watched him for a day or so....within 1 1/2 days he was back to eating little bits & moving around. By the following day he is eating & acting normally. We are thinking he just had a tummyache or something along those lines.

Tonight we had family night at my mom's house. My brother and 3 of his doggies were there as well. We had yummy chinese for dinner (got several dishes & all shared) and then fresh fruit and fruit dip for dessert while we played games. First we played Group Photo and then Phase10. The kids did really good tonight even being up late. Morgan had a mild allergic reaction because she pet the dogs and then rubbed her left eye. Next thing we know she's rubbing it like crazy, it is all red and she had some hives on her left cheek. So Benedryl time! She still managed to stay up late & play cards...although she got loopy for a little while. LOL!

So that's about it here for now. We will be starting some holiday baking this weekend and putting together a Halloween gingerbread house but all after Alex's soccer game. His game is at 10:30am and it is going to be CHILLY! This is their 2nd to the last game of the fall soccer season.


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