August 6, 2006

Sorry for being so quiet. Corey and I finished painting the master bathroom. We really like the color but I think it might need some touch up in a few places. We replaced the handles on the cabinets and the towel bar & ring. It is looking good and MUCH better than before.

The kids and I went to Jacksonville last weekend (July 28th) with my mom (GC) to visit my grandmother. She's in a nursing home in Jacksonville and my mom & aunt take turns visiting each month or every other month. We have a lot of friends that visit her as well. She's been doing good and has a new wheelchair so she can now scoot herself around with her feet. This gives her more independence and a sense of "freedom". She isn't stuck in one spot waiting for someone to move her take her somewhere. Right after we got home my mom received a call that grandma was going to the hospital for shortness of breath & wheezing. The hospital admitted her with asthma, congestive heart failure and high blood pressure (which she has always had). My mom is her health surrogate so we've had some talks about what they are doing for her and what we want done or don't want done in most cases. We've talked with the hospital & nursing home about it and I think things will go smoother from here on out. We stopped by the cemetary before leaving town and my grandfather's headstone is broken in half. It is the kind that lays flat in the ground (so they can mow). Well it looks like something has run over it and broken it...and it isn't close to the road and none of the others are broken. Ugh! We took pictures and will be contacting the cemetary office.

On Tuesday the kids started "back to school". We have a new math curriculum this year. Before we just used various sources and workbooks,etc. But math isn't Morgan's favorite or strong subject so we got a curriculum to use this year with both kids. They start out at the same level so they can learn the process that this curriculum uses to teach. It is Math-U-See and so far they are both doing great with it. Morgan has signed up for the Harry Potter Club at our local library and her first meeting is Tuesday evening. She can't wait. We are also signing her up for dance classes and that will start on the 23rd. Now to find something for Alex!

Yesterday we took the kids to the Kids Workshop at Home Depot. The closest one is brand new and near my mom's house. My brother met us up there. He helped Morgan build a toolbox (looks like a carry tote) and Corey helped Alex build a pencil box. They had a blast and I got some pictures with my brother's camera...I'll post a pic or two when he sends me the pictures. Then we all met up with my mom and had lunch. Then mom took Morgan clothes weekend this weekend. And Corey, Alex and I headed to Costco for some restocking.

Poor Corey had to work a change window from 1am-4am this morning and didn't get to sleep much so is currently sleeping. I'm trying to keep the kids busy playing quiet things but that doesn't always work. They are sitting at the kitchen table playing Wig Out right now. They have several card games from Gamewright and really enjoy them. We are planning on getting more.

The Williamson County Fair is going on but I don't think we can go. Corey goes back on pager duty on Monday through the following Monday morning. So we can't really venture too far from home unless he can get coverage for a night. We shall see.


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