July 1, 2006

Good morning everyone. I just had to post a little to say how wonderful my husband is. Not that he isn't sweet and wonderful all of the time. LOL! Just last week we were looking at various laptops to see what was available and what all I wanted in one. If you remember my iBook got crushed and the screen was shattered. It was going to cost over $900 to replace the screen so it was a bust. I've been sharing with the kids until we got settled after the move,etc. I had decided that when the time came I was going back to PC as well. Mac does a good job but I just couldn't make the transition well and find programs that did what I wanted and needed them to do,etc. Anyway, after looking around for laptops, Corey surprised me by ordering one. I thought we were still looking and he ordered it without me knowing it. :-) So I'm posting this update from my new Dell. I love it! Then a few days later we get another delivery and he tells me to go ahead and receive it and open the box. Well, it happens to be a case of the ONE wine in the world that I really like. If you know much about me, you know that I don't care for wine. The few that I drink are the inexpensive, fruity & sweet screw cap type of wines. LOL! More like Kool-Aid or wine coolers than real wine. ;-) LOL! Well, a few years ago some NY friends got married and had their reception at Wagner Vineyards and one of the wines that they served us was delicious and I just loved it! It was the Niagara (white wine). We've been wanting some since we left NY and Corey ordered it for me. We had a bottle the first night and it was as lovely as I remember. I'm sure it is too sweet for most of my wine drinking friends but I love it. :-)

My brother is coming over today to finish the patio doors. And I'll be working on finishing up the bedrooms before Morgan, my mom and I head out for our pedicures. I can't wait. At some point I'll be looking through some hs'ing curriculum that a neighbor sent down for me to look through. Morgan's friend is hs'd and her mom sent me some things they've used so I can check them out.

One last thing....here is a picture of Morgan with her new hair cut. She donated another 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love. She is enjoying the shorter hair and how easy it is to take care of and so are we. She can wash, rinse and brush her hair all on her own. And this is saying a lot because her hair is sooo thick that when it is long there is just no way she can get it all clean, rinsed out or brushed (especially underneath). So not only did this cut provide a donation opportunity for her but also has increased her independence.

I have to give a holler out to my friend (Indigo) who is moving today. Have a good day and good luck with the move!! I know you can't wait to be in your new house and I can't wait to hear more about it.


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