May 16, 2006

Getting close.....exactly 1 week from tonight we will be *in* Tennessee. Then on Wednesday our final walk-thru and then the closing on Thursday. We are so excited!! We got moving estimates and are booking through Mayflower for a pick up on June 9th or 10th and delivery 3-7 days later. We have close to 30 boxes packed already and it feels like we have a lot more to go but the estimator didn't think so. LOL! We are taking a little stuff up with us on our trip for closing. And of course we will have a little stuff with us when we go up after the movers pick up everything.

Corey has already started setting up our utilities and such. Yea! We got the appraisal completed (above the price we are paying) and everything is on target for closing on the 25th.

This is Morgan's last week of classes. We will work in some good-bye play dates after her dance recital performances.

Tomorrow I have to get a tooth capped (yuck) but then we got to Orlando to meet my friend & her family at Downtown Disney!! I'm so excited!!


At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are getting all organized for the move! I hope it will all go smoothly for you.


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