April 11, 2006

The waiting begins...and with it comes the stress & anxiety. LOL! It is official, we've put an offer in on a house in Tennessee. They have until Thursday to respond. Please oh please let it all work out. We are so excited to have gotten this far but I feel like I'm going to explode with the waiting & the anxiety I'm feeling. Nerve wracking! We will keep you posted on what happens.

I'm still dealing with a tooth infection but hopefully an upcoming trip to the Endodontist will take care of the problem tooth. Gotta love dental issues.

Morgan is trying to adopt a little orange kitten we've seen wandering around outside. I think it is just from an outside, unwanted litter. It seems to take care of itself pretty well, is skittish around people, etc. She has put a bowl of water out on the patio & keeps it fresh. She has tried going on there when she sees the kitten but it runs each time. She has named the kitten "Tangerine" because of the orange color. We have had many discussions about the kitten being a stray and that we are not adopting it or bringing it with us when we move.


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