February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope everyone has had or is having a wonderful Valentine's Day. Mine was ok considering my valentine is on another continent. Corey arrived in Amsterdam about 1:30am ET and will be there until Friday morning. He called from the hotel (about 4:30am ET) to let me know he had arrived ok. We chatted online about 2 hours ago and he told me that he visited the Van Gogh museum, took a nap, went to dinner, a pub and took a canal ride. He starts meetings tomorrow but hopefully can get out a little more. We miss him, of course, but are doing good.

Today Morgan had her art class. They talked about Kevin Clarke and his red couch photos. At his web site click on portfolio & then red couch to see a few pictures. And then the kids created pictures of their own placing a red couch in whatever type of background they wanted to. Morgan placed her's in the mountains. The kids all traded valentines while at art class. Then we headed to a nearby park and spent several hours with some friends from our local pagan group. Several of us are homeschooling so that makes it fun too. The kids traded more valentines, decorated cupcakes, decorated bags to keep their valentines in, created bead bracelets, played all over the playground and had their share of plenty of sugar!

Tonight, my neighbor let me know that I had a delivery while away. Corey sent me flowers. :-) I jokingly pointed out a bouquet of tulips the other day online and he got me some! A dozen red and white tulips were delivered from him with the sweetest card. So even though he can't be here he still did something special. Isn't he just wonderful? No need to answer...I know he is and that is all that matters. LOL!

After a couple days of running around I'm hoping we can have a quiet day of learning tomorrow. Maybe I can get a few things sorted & packed (or donated or tossed). Wish me luck.


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Kim said...

That's so romantic that he sent you flowers! Did he take pictures at the museum?? I'd love to see them if he did. I love Van Gogh's work.

Happy (late) Valentine's Day!


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