January 23, 2006

Had a nice weekend around the house with Corey and the kids. We got stuff done like laundry (ooh exciting!) and grocery shopping and a Costco run. We went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner Friday night but didn't hit peak time so didn't get to see the "show" the servers put on. Morgan & I were very disappointed. Corey started his week for the pager rotation this morning...oh boy...hopefully it will be an uneventful week. Today the kids worked on math, geography/history (discovery of FL, St.Augustine & Ponce de Leon), and reading. Morgan finished another book from the Dear America series. She just loves these books. She just soaks up history and can't get enough of it. Reminds me of my cousin, Alexa. Morgan was acting really run down today, almost fell asleep doing some math, and had a low grade temp so we took it easy. I hope she isn't coming down with something. She perked up a little tonight so maybe it is nothing. We started a game of Stock Market Tycoon while Corey and Alex played Sorry. We have art class tomorrow morning and hope to go by the library afterwards. I had to laugh at something she did earlier today. Alex has recently decided that he likes raw carrots. At lunch today he asked for 5 baby carrots to go with his sandwich (5 since he will be 5 he said). Well, Morgan glances over at him partway through lunch and gets this look of amazement on her face and then looks at me and says, "He is eating carrots...CARROTS!" Then she glances back at Alex like she just can't believe it. Cracked me up. I must say that I'm very pleased that they are both eating & liking more vegetables. Just proof that if you keep offering them with no pressure they will come around (at least on some of them). Yea!

We are *over* the weather here. Enough of the 80+ degree temps! Seriously now even in Florida we usually cool off in January and February. If it is in the 80's for January I don't even want to think about how horrible the summer is going to be. Ugh!


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