January 19, 2006

I got up this morning about 8:30am and jokingly complained about having to get up so early. Corey woke me up as he was *finally* getting up to go log in for work (work at home day). His smartie comment was that it wasn't *his* fault that I decided to play with media at midnight. LOL! He's referring to me insisting to figure out the whole movie thing late last night. Oh well... ;-)

Today was a better day so I think the "don't listen to mom" thing was a one day thing. Yea! We got some math, science (follow up from class last Friday), handwriting, and reading done. Alex got some PS2 time...actually a little more than he was supposed to so Corey stepped in to help get him involved in something else. I think because I don't ever play the PS2 when I lay down the law about it I become the bad guy. Corey plays it with him sometimes so him telling Alex "Ok, time to stop & you can play later" is accepted *much* better. We also had clean up time today for their rooms and neither one fussed too much about it. Alex asked for help because the mess, even though not that bad, just overwhelms him. So I just take a peek and then give him 1 thing to pick up at a time, "pick up the cars...pick up the Legos" instead of "clean your room". He did work on the computer some and did very well with an educational program he just got. Morgan had her dance class this evening. She's been practicing her cartwheels and her teacher was very proud of her. She told me she could tell Morgan doesn't like going upside down because even with a front roll she tenses up. They did jazz today and while trying a new combination Morgan fell twice. First time she cried quite a bit (fell on the hard floor on her hiney) and actually came out of the room to me. I gave her some hugs, made sure she wasn't hurt too badly & sent her back in to try, try again. I was proud of her because she tried it a few more times with help from her teacher & then again on her own...even fell again & this time just a few tears but nothing too big. After that she was done but did say she would practice at home. Her teacher showed them a picture of their costume for the recital and as expected these 7yo girls all squealed and giggled. LOL! The costume is a cheerleader type of dress...red/white/silver with the letter "M" on the front. So, of course, Morgan feels like the "M" is special for her. ;-) They will be doing a jazz routine. We can't wait.

Corey and I just finished watching a very odd movie. I swear he takes the cake on picking weird movies. I will admit to having picked a couple of weird ones but boy, he has a knack for it. ;-) The movie was called "Miranda" and had Christina Ricci. Just a weird movie.

Ooh...to answer Carla's question in her comment after watching the movie I put up. No, Morgan's theatre group isn't doing Rent. And right now they aren't singing "Seasons of Love" because they only have 4 girls and they need more voices. But she knows it...and Alex does too at this point. They will be doing a variety type of show in March.


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