January 6, 2006

Wooo it is chilly outside! We might even having *FREEZING* temps tomorrow night. The kids and I ran errands today, played bookstore (will explain further in a minute) and some math games. Morgan's math-a-thon packet came in the maill today and she was ecstatic! She has about another week to work on pledges before starting to solve the problems in the book and she's dying to get started. LOL! I'm glad she's so excited about it. We've talked a lot about how much St. Jude's does for sick children and their families.

Now about playing bookstore. Thursday Morgan commented that she thought she would own a bookstore when she grew up because she liked books and being a business owner wasn't hard work. ROFL Well now... So we had a nice little discussion about some of the things a business owner does. Her writing assignment yesterday was to name her bookstore and tell me things about it and tell me where it would be located,etc. Then today she played it out and created a bookstore in Alex's bedroom. They were too cute. She set up silent auctions for book sets (where did she hear of those?) and Alex was offering all the customers free hot chocolate with marshmallows or whip cream and hot coffee. And I was offered a gift card for future purchases because I had been such a nice customer. LOL! Now don't we wish that stuff happened. She created signs, the silent auctions, hired Alex & had him offerring beverages and such. Corey has "assigned" her to build on her 1st assignment and write more about her bookstore. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with.

We went out for dinner tonight because I wasn't in the mood for mahi & didn't take it out of the freezer. Bad me! I had a yummy steak, sweet potato and asparagus. YUM!!

I'm starting to get bummed. I still haven't heard from my dad and I was hoping we could get together this weekend. The cell number I have for them isn't working so I can't get ahold of him.

Time to end it for tonight. Need to give the bunny & kitty their treats and head off to bed. Good night and take care all!


At 9:10 AM, Blogger Kim said...

Morgan is living out my DREAM!!!! What did she name her bookstore? She's got quite the imagination.


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