January 4, 2006

I just have to start out tonight with an "OH MY GOODNESS!!" comment about something new. LOL! On the way to Morgan's theatre class we stopped for gas, drinks and we picked up a new yummy. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups now has a PBC with caramel in the center. We tried it on the way home (didn't want her singing after just eating a PBC) and it was eye rolling back in the head good. LOL! We split a 2pk in the van and brought home a 2pk for Corey & Alex to share. Corey had his tonight and thought it was pretty good. But he's a skinny guy and he just doesn't have a relationship with chocolate or an understanding of the chocolate/peanut butter combination...so don't trust him. Now Alex on the other hand TOTALLY has a relationship with chocolate and totally gets the whole chocolate/peanut butter thing. The boy was born with the chocolate gene! He doesn't get to try his until tomorrow because he was already asleep when we got home. He's going to love it I just know it.

Ok, on to other stuff. The kids did pretty good today. Corey worked from home and will again tomorrow so I'm not sure they were expecting that & it threw them off a bit. Alex thought about giving me some trouble this morning but settled down pretty quickly and was eager to do some school. He had some more handwriting practice with N words and started on telling time. We started with the hands & what each means and then started working on figuring out the hour. He did really good with it. He did some reading with me and Morgan and we watched Magic School Bus - 3 water episodes and talked about it for science. Our science classes start back up next week. Morgan did language arts, writing, reading, telling time (hours and minutes) and the science from the Magic School Bus. She also did some reading to Alex. She had some educational computer time today as well. Alex helped her practice her songs for her theatre class and I got them on digital video singing "Seasons of Love"...too cute. Now to figure out how to get it online! LOL! I have a Mac page bookmarked with instructions I just haven't tried it yet. Morgan's theatre class was tonight and they are so cute. They need more girls so I told the instructor that I would gladly pass on info to the homeschool groups I'm involved in to see if we can get some more girls. The group is just for girls 7-16.

Ooh Aunt Heather....good news...the lost package arrived today!! Apparently our wonderful mail lady found it at the annex and slated it for redelivery. Yeah! I tell ya, the loss never would have happened in the first place if she hadn't been on vacation. The kids were SO excited and tore into the box. They love the CPKs & ponies! We were all dying with the matching western outfits. Are they twins? Anyway, very cute and well received.

Has anyone seen The Chronicles of Narnia yet? If so, what did you think? How does it compare to the books (if you've read them)? We took the kids to see it on Monday, Jan 2nd. We all 4 loved it although there were a couple of intense scenes that Alex slept through or covered his ears/eyes for. Both kids have been playing Narnia since coming home from seeing it. I thought the kid actors were great. Morgan can't wait to read the book.

Welcome back to the U.S. for my dad and stepmom. They live in Saudi Arabia and have since 1991 (think that is the right year). Thankfully they get to come back to the US a few times a year so that we can all see each other. The kids love seeing their grandparents and they get to see more aunts, uncles & cousins when we all get together. Makes it fun all around. We are hoping to get to see them this weekend.

Oh, Morgan sent out her emails for her math-a-thon. If you didn't get one and are interested in supporting her to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital just let us know. She's so excited about this and has some donations already. Right now they are just getting supporters and then they will have 1 week to do as many problems in the math-a-thon math book or on the math-a-thon CD as they can. They can get support per correct math problem, per page or a flat donation. I'll keep you posted on how she is doing. Right now she's stalking the mail lady waiting for her math-a-thon package to arrive in the mail. ;-)

Take care everyone and Goddess Bless the families and loved ones of the 12 miners that died and the lone survivor & his family.


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