January 3, 2006

I was kicked out of bed a few minutes after 8 this morning. The kids had been up, as usual, and Corey was heading out the door...back to the office with him. Alex was sad that Daddy wouldn't be working from home. I think we all got used to him being around for the past 2+ weeks. I figured I had better get the day going since this was Alex's first day of homeschooling and I really wanted to set a routine for the most part. The kids fight when given too much free time together. They do much better when busy! So we got everyone breakfast including Parker bunny and I had them get dressed. Morgan kept asking where we were going. LOL! Nowhere, but Alex thinks pajama days are do *nothing* days and I didn't want him thinking that. We got started right away with some writing...letter practice for Alex (N week...where they left off in preK) and copy work for Morgan. She picked a poem & copied it down after reading it. Then she had 30 minutes of independent reading. She started The Magician's Nephew from The Chronicles of Narnia. We moved Alex on to reading the N alphabet book and writing a couple of N words. Then Alex got some educational computer time while Morgan did history (SOTW 1). We then took a break for lunch & free play. After our break they did math. Morgan did a couple of pages from her math workbook. Alex did a couple of counting & pattern worksheets. Then both did a Christopher Columbus' ships color-by-number worksheet. I wrote the answers to the math problems for Alex because the space was small but he solved all of the problems himself. :-) Morgan got some educational computer time. Then we finished up the day with a little more reading.

They were quite creative during their play today. Morgan is very excited that her activities start back up this week. Her theatre group starts back up tomorrow and dance class on Thursday. Then next week art class will start up on Tuesday and science on Friday. We received notice that there is an American Girl event at one of the libraries. They are doing Kirsten. Morgan insisted on me making reservations right away. Other than that not a whole lot going on. Morgan helped make dinner tonight while Alex and Corey solved their video game. They defeated Kingdom Hearts. On to bigger and better things I'm sure.

There was a funny I meant to tell about on January 1st but forgot to until after I had posted. Our cat is 16 years old. She has always thought she was more human than cat. I've had her since she was 1 day old and had to bottle-feed her. Anyway, the older she gets the more human food she takes a liking to. On New Year's Day we were eating our dinner and she comes over to visit me (read "beg") so I give her a bite of ham. Well then I decide to try a blackeyed pea. She not only ate the first one I gave her but several others and then ate the peas & rice that I left in my bowl for her NY treat. ;-) I tell ya...don't know about that cat. Either she has decided she is human and anything we eat is fair game or she's senile...not sure which. She really likes donuts, has eaten pineapple off our pizza, mushrooms, peas, beans, bread, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes...you name it.

For all our family reading this....I forgot to mention that Morgan is now 51 inches tall. She definitely got the tall gene from all you tall people in our families. LOL!

The news just had a bit about the 13 trapped miners. I hope they find some of them alive. They've already reported that they found 1 body. That poor family. I know miners have a dangerous job even under the best of circumstances but this mine has been sited over 200 times for safety issues and there was absolutely no excuse for these men to have been in there under these conditions. This was a preventable incident. Right now I'm concentrating on the trapped men and their families but I hope in the future there are some serious repercusions for the mining company & owners.


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