January 1, 2006

Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2006. Here's hoping it is a better year for everyone. The kids were up about 7AM as usual but played pretty good and let Corey & I sleep in. Now to get some caffeine and breakfast in us. When we told Alex "Happy New Year" he told us it wasn't "new year" yet. We explained to him that today was January 1st and the year had changed to 2006 and he was just amazed that yesterday it was 2005 and today starts 2006. We had talked about this before but he is only 4 and I think he thought there would be a bigger transition marker. If that makes sense. Of course, since he doesn't get to stay up until midnight to mark the occasion he doesn't even have that. Maybe next year since we will be near a lot of family we can have a family friendly NYE celebration to mark the occasion.

Today will just be a nice easy day. My dad and stepmother will be coming over to the United States on Wednesday and are flying my half-sister and her daughter in as well. At some point while they are here we will see them as well as my step-brothers and their families. It is fun getting together with all of them.

I think I have the site feed thing set up right. Let me know if it works or not if you decide to try it.


At 10:02 PM, Blogger Kim said...

Zoe understood the new year concept in that she got a new calendar for her bedroom wall.

Enjoy your visit with your dad and step-mom!


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