January 6, 2006

Last night was hectic so no posting. Morgan had her dance class last night so Corey took her. Alex and I returned some movies & books to the library and stopped at Walgreen's to pick up their Singulair prescriptions. Strange thing they had 2 for Alex...one chewable tablet (which is what he takes) and another for oral granuales. The pharmacist just said "Oh I guess someone made a mistake & made both." Weird! Anyway, Alex got a candy bar for himself & Morgan. He wanted the new PBC with caramel but they didn't have them so he settled for Crunch bars. We came home and started dinner so we could eat as soon as Morgan and Corey got home. We sat down to eat our taco salad and we put in The Polar Express. The kids got it from Netflix and we all wanted to see it. Morgan only ate part of her dinner, most unusual, and then proceeded to get sick! Poor thing threw up quite a bit. She was so upset. Afterwards she said her stomach hurt and she had a headache and she just wanted to go to bed. So Corey & Alex continued watching the movie while I took her to bed. She started drifting off about 2 pages into her chapter but wanted me to keep reading. Poor thing. At least she didn't throw up anymore!

The day had gone pretty good. We had a slow start since Alex had decided to wake up in the wee hours of the morning & watched TV for a bit & then came back to bed. Since he was still sleeping, Corey let me sleep in as well. Yea. It was nice but made for a slower start to the day. We got in handwriting & writing practice, reading, geography, vocabulary, and math. There was also a lot of play.

The "cold front" has officially hit Tampa. Our high today should be about 58 and our low around 38-40. Yea! LOL! I know for anyone further north this is nothing. And the temps are nothing for us for winter too having lived in NY. But living in FL you come to really appreciate the cooling off as the best it gets. LOL! So even though the rest of you are getting freezing temps and/or snow...we are just thrilled to be able to open the windows & enjoy the coolness.

I hope to hear from my dad and stepmother today. We really want to meet up with them and are hoping they call us today so we can make some plans.

Have a good one!


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