January 18, 2006

Kind of a quiet day today. We got some schooling done, some playing done and quite a bit of "don't listen to mom" done. ;-) Things have been going very good lately so I figured it was just time for one of those days to come around. Again no launch of the NASA pluto probe, New Horizons. Morgan is so excited about seeing the launch and almost takes it personally when they delay it. LOL! She has a note on our big white board to check the NASA site to see if they are going to try to launch tomorrow.

We had to rush with dinner to get Morgan & I fed before leaving for her theatre class. This class went much better than last week...no fussing,etc. Morgan did really good with her dancing & singing. She had practiced her dances, she already knows the songs, but during the first run through she acted like she didn't know what to do & kept watching the girls who didn't seem to remember the dance either. I told her that we had practiced this and she knew it so to keep dancing...no stopping just because the other girls don't remember it. LOL! Now I have to give her kudos because after that she did good and then when they sat down & sang "My Favorite Things" she belted it out. Go Morgan! :-)

Corey found out today, in a round about way, that he didn't get the position he interviewed for months ago. They had called him back for a second interview and then kept him hanging on telling him that they hadn't made a decision yet & he was still in contention to please hang on. He recently contacted HR to find out what was going on with the position..at this point just to find out one way or the other. A co-worker happened to be chatting with him today, he works in the department that Corey interviewed with, and said they had 2 new employees in the department. Gee, how nice to keep people hanging on & not responding to their questions. I'm actually glad he didn't get the position if this is the way that manager handles things...very unprofessional & lacking in common courtesy. I guess I find it so odd because not only was Corey left hanging on a personal level but his whole team was in limbo waiting to see if they would assign new projects to him or if they could wait until they had a replacement for him. How does the manager of one department do this to another department in the same company? Anyway, he is fine with not getting the job, just glad to know either way. He's full speed ahead to work on projects with his team.


At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bummer about Corey's experience. Richard has realized just how unprofessional a lot of institutions and companies are these days. The "hang on" crap is annoying. Particularly when your in a position like we have been. And this is behavior they would not appreciate in their employees, so why do they do it...geez!


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