January 7, 2006

Weird weird weird. That is all I can say right now. My lovely husband and I just finished watching War of the Worlds. Weird movie! I'm not sure I liked it...the verdict is still out. It was very intense but then just ended. Oh well...we've seen it now. We watched The Wedding Crashers last night and both thought that was funny & pretty good.

Today was pretty much a lazy day. We headed out to go to International Plaza (local "ritzy" mall) so we could hit up the Apple store. On the way there we saw one of the Washington Redskins' buses with the police escort heading to the stadium. The mall was *crowded* and we finally figured out that so many people were just wasting time until heading to the game. The stadium is across the street (from a side entrance) to this mall. We went by Build-A-Bear also. The clothes fit Cabbage Patch Kids and Morgan wanted to look for an outfit. She picked out a pink ballerina outfit complete with ballet shoes. She put it on her new doll (from Aunt Heather) and she was so proud of herself. She used her own money to get it. We got me the photo software that I've been wanting and the kids 2 mac educational cds. Several of their educational cds aren't compatible with mac at all..ugh. They each played them as soon as we got home.

When we got home we fed everyone lunch and then got some snacks for the game. Bucs were hosting the playoff game and kick off was 4:30pm. So we had to be ready. LOL! We also made lasagna for dinner. OMG it was delicious! Mr. Skinny Man had 2 helpings. Unfortunately our Bucs lost but at least we got to the playoffs this year.

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow. Our upcoming week is pretty full so we might just take it easy.


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