January 15, 2006

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had some wonderfully cool weather here in FL....almost felt like January. LOL! The temps seem to be bouncing around a bit but hopefully we will keep getting some cool days here and there.

Friday we had our science class. It was mostly about nocturnal animals and he brought an opossum to share. Her name was Josephine and she's 8 months old. He hand-raised her (her mother was killed while she was tiny & in the pouch) and she's just the cutest thing. The kids all got to touch her after saying the 2 science words of the day...marsupial (mammal with a pouch) and prehensile (tail that can grab & hold onto things). Morgan said the words & had her turn at petting the opossum. Alex said the words but wanted nothing to do with the opossum. Poor little guy cried for a minute at the thought. Near the end of class we went out for a nature walk and all the kids were given a chance to hug a tree and feel the energy within it. Ah...thanks to another mom I have pictures of my little tree huggers actually hugging a tree. (Kelly forgot her camera)

Friday night I took Morgan to her American Girl event at the library. She brought Samantha (her AG doll) with her and had a wonderful time. The event was for Kirsten (pioneer girl) and they talked about the time period and the books. They did some games from the period and some matching games from the books. Then they did a craft (stenciled & painted a keepsake box) and had a smorgasboard of foods that Kirsten would have eaten (time period & from Sweden). Morgan actually sampled herring (not pickled) and ginger punch.

Saturday we all went to Ocala to visit family. We saw my dad, stepmother, sister and 2 of our nieces. My sister and her daughter are hopefully moving to FL from LA soon. My 2 brothers in the area were working so we didn't see them....maybe next time. We didn't have a lot of time to visit but it was good to see them. Corey had to work at 3am so we had to get home so he could get some sleep before then.

Today was veg-out day. LOL! Corey picked up Krispy Kreme donuts this morning after he got back up and we watched a little football. Our teams are out so we just keep rooting for the underdog or the team that hasn't won in a while. I got to get some mom time out today and went to an iLife class at the Apple store. I think I may have figured out how to get my little movies of the kids onto the web. Woo Hoo!! Check back to see if I really have. LOL!


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