January 13, 2006

Good morning and Happy Friday the 13th. It is also a full moon tonight. A full moon is such a beautiful sight. We always try to get the kids out to see it. They love watching how the moon changes through the phases.

Wednesday we had a great trip to the aquarium. The kids really enjoyed sharing the experience with friends. Morgan got brave and touched the sting rays (stinger clipped but not completely removed). I got a movie on the camera but still haven't figured out how to get the darn thing uploaded to our .mac homepage. I think I'll work on getting it up elsewhere. Then Wednesday evening Morgan had her theatre class. It was Morgan's 4th class, her last free one. I managed to get some of the dance routines recorded for her to help her practice. It seems that the 16yo is running the show and she quickly teaches a couple of new steps to one routine & has the girls go through it. Then moves on. They've learned new steps for several dances each week and then are supposed to practice them during the week. Not easy when they aren't shown the steps very well & they do several a night. Morgan has had trouble remembering which steps went to which dance,etc. Well, apparently she isn't the only one and they got "fussed" at. She actually told them once she taught them the steps it was out of her hands and their responsibility and that she didn't remember the routines after she had taught them to the girls....that she just wrote down the steps. HELLO? Is it me or is this stupid? You don't choreograph a dance, write down the steps, teach it a few steps at a time and say you don't know the routine yourself. Honestly now. BTW, there are only 4 girls that are in the group at the moment, 2 of them are new (Morgan & another girl)....it was their 4th night. They've learned 6-8 songs and 4 dance routines in the 3 weeks up until Wed night. And one of the girls has missed 2 of those 4 weeks. The girls are 7,8,10 and 12. I'm not very happy about the way it went Wednesday night and talked to Morgan about it to see how she took it. If it continues then we are done with this.

Yesterday we went to a story time at a local nature preserve. We meet some hs'ing friends there and then headed to the park for a picnic lunch and playing. Today was our regularly scheduled hs'ing group park social so we stayed at the park for that too. We had a nice time. Can you believe it was 78 degrees yesterday? What is up with this warm weather? Yuck. Morgan was playing catch with a big ball and jammed her pinky finger on her left hand. We think we got it pulled back out but it looks gross. I've never had a jammed finger or seen one so I have no idea if this is how they look. But she can wiggle it and bend it so hopefully all will be okay. We gave her some ibuprofen and iced it for a while. It was bothering her quite a bit so she didn't go to her dance class last night. She's still sleeping so I haven't looked at it yet this morning.

Later today we have our science class. And then tonight Morgan is attending an American Girl event. They are doing Kirsten the pioneer girl. Morgan is so excited about it. They discuss the books & the girl, the time period, do a craft and a game from that time period. And have a snack (usually mentioned in the book) from that time period. Really a lot of fun for her and the couple that organize these are just fabulous!

Morgan has received support on her math-a-thon from several people but she isn't at her goal yet. They can start working the math book this weekend and have 1 week to finish it. I think she will do great! If you haven't pledged or made a donation and would like to please contact us. She really would like to raise $100 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Every little bit will help her get to her goal.


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