January 11, 2006

It seems that I've missed a couple of days. Monday while doing school I started organizing the cabinet under the TV in the entertainment center. It was stuffed full of that we had won at an auction when an educational store went out of business. My bid was low but won and it was a lot more stuff than I even thought I was bidding on. LOL! I had good intentions to go through it before and did a little bit but still had way too much leftover...so just put it away. Anyway, pulled out everything we could use and stacked up all the duplicates & things we wouldn't use. I'll be taking those with us on park day so other hs'ing families can go through it to see if they can use it. If not, the leftovers will be donated. We found a Kindergarten math workbook and Alex was all excited...sat down & did the first 9 pages. LOL! Next because the cabinet was now empty I moved all of the games, puzzles & cards for the kids down there. This way they can get them whenever they want & can put them away when done. Definitely better than Mom having to get them off the top closet shelf & having stuff fall on her head. ;-)

Tuesday morning we were up and out of the house pretty early. Morgan started her art class. It combines art history with art and she loved it! She did a really nice water color painting. I'll have to take a picture of it. We knew 1 family that would be there but were really surprised to see we knew everyone there except 1 family. Alex had a little girl to play with (another younger sibling). He went over and talked to her when he saw her working out of a math workbook too. He had brought his so this was his "in". He cried a little when we left and told me that he was going to miss her. I told him that he would see her 2 times next week, at CampFire and art. He was happy again. Morgan did a lot of reading and almost finished a book she started on the way to art class. One of the moms organizes Scholastic book ordering and we all got a bunch of booklets/catalogs to look through. OOOH....books!!

This morning we will be meeting up some friends at the Florida Aquarium. The kids are excited and we'll be leaving soon. Then tonight Morgan has her theatre class.


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