January 17, 2006

"Cold air" heading our way. LOL! The weather has definitely been a roller coaster around here. I don't know about the rest of the country but Florida just keeps bouncing from upper 70's (gross in January) to 50's...maybe 40's in the middle of the night. It would be nice if it would just stick around for a little while and let us enjoy it. Ooh...Thursday morning we *might* be down to 38 here.

Monday we participated in a service project with our Camp Fire group for MLK Jr Day. Corey had the day off so he got to come with us. Kind of reminded us of our APO days back in Potsdam. We picked oranges and tangelos at a local grove for a couple of food kitchens. We found out while there that the lady that owns it continues to grow the fruits strictly for food kitchens,etc. They are never sold to market. Isn't that cool? We picked a lot and then got to pick some to take home with us. We enjoyed a few in the grove fresh off the tree and I must say they were absolutely scrumptious...and so juicy! I've never picked oranges before so it was a really neat experience and fun to compare to picking apples in NY. Later we worked on math, reading, and handwriting. Alex just loves his math workbook and does several pages a day. LOL Then I started working with Morgan on cartwheels. Her dance class is a combo class (tap, ballet, jazz & acro) and she has balked at trying to do a cartwheel. She has never liked being turned upside down (even as a baby) and has been really worried about falling, etc. Well, her teacher asked her to practice and PLEASE learn how to do one. Morgan put it off and then jammed her finger last week. Her finger is doing much better so I decided now was the time to work on the cartwheels. She threw a fit as I thought she would but with some um....forceful coaxing....I convinced her to try 3 times to start. Of course, I didn't let her fall and she managed to attempt a cartwheel 3 times for me. She decided it wasn't the end of the world like she thought it would be. ;-)

Today we had Morgan's art class. They learned about Paul Sierra and oil painting. They used oil pastels on black paper to create pictures similar to Paul Sierra's paintings. She is really enjoying this class. After getting home we checked on the NASA launch. They were supposed to launch a probe to Pluto. Morgan was very excited and got very upset about the delays and then the scrub. We will be watching tomorrow to see if the launch is a go. After all of that we did some history from SOTW and reading. Morgan then asked to practice cartwheels! After trying several she proceeded to tell me that it was FUN now. She's improved quite a bit since her refusal to even try. Still not getting those legs up but she's getting there. I'm very proud of her for moving past this. Then she and I worked on her dance routines from her theatre class. She laughed at me for attempting some of the moves (they call them Cheetah Girl moves) but hey, we had fun. What is a mother for if not for laughs some time, right? The key is we had fun and she got her practice in.

Corey and I just switched cell phone service. We were supposedly getting a special rate through IBM (which is why we had stayed with the cell company,etc). However, he was offered a nice rate through the new company and it was a lower monthly rate but the same stuff we had. We checked out a few things & opted to go for it. Our previous contract was up so we made the switch. Our new phones arrived today and we are getting them all set up. We opted for a nice basic phone...no camera. Heck, we have a nice digital & don't need a lower quality camera in the phone. We are keeping our numbers as well so that is nice.

Ooh...I had a required parent meeting at the dance studio this evening. After learning all kinds of tidbits about the upcoming recital we got to have a look at what the costumes will be for our kids. Morgan's is so cute...she's just going to love it! The recital isn't until June 3rd and 4th but they have to get things started early.


At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your trip sounds like fun. Gotta love service :)Tell Morgan I'm very proud of her cartwheels.... she's already two steps ahead of me in being able to go upside down (really don't want to see me try that....)
Love y'all!


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