January 20, 2006

Happy Friday. I forgot to mention that yesterday Morgan and I saw the New Horizon Pluto probe launch. She was so excited and I must admit that I really enjoy the launches too. It is just amazing how fast that thing will be travelling and how long it will take to get to Pluto. And then after all that it will just be a 36 hour fly-by. Of course this is all assuming that everything goes smoothly over the next 9-10 years and everything works out like they hope. Morgan was amazed that she would be 16 when all this should be happening.

Man, last night was NOT a good night for sleeping. Corey and I were up way too late watching shows on the Dilley family (sextuplets) and other multiples. Then within 10 minutes of going to bed Alex came flying in. This is a very accurate description of what occurs. LOL! He comes running across the hall and leaps from the end of our bed and lands up near the pillows. Then he burrows under the covers, usually saying he is scared or cold and needs to snuggle, and then he is fast asleep again. I'm not sure he ever truly wakes up when he does this. So we settle back down (with cold toes being pressed against me) and I drift off. Next thing I know Morgan is at my side of the bed telling me she can't sleep and wants to scoot in and snuggle for "just a second". Yea right...I believe that one. I tell her there is no room, mommy is trying to sleep and she needs to go back to her bed. It is rather unusual for her to get up (other than a quick potty trip) so I was hoping she would just go crawl into bed. She tells me again she can't go back to sleep and so out of complete delirium & desperation I tell her to go back to bed or get her book & read if she has to but she needs to be quiet and close her door if she turns on the light. Oh dear...I really shouldn't talk to people when I'm 3/4 asleep. This morning Alex gets up first (as usual) and I hear Corey's alarm going off & the next thing I know I hear someone on the radio mention it is eight thirty something and realize Corey is still in bed. He had to go into the office today...yikes....LATE! Come to find out Morgan had come back into our room, going to Corey's side this time (smart girl) and crawled in. So all 4 of us in our bed...no wonder I was feeling like a pretzel! Thank goodness we have a king size bed. ;-) Later in the morning when I was talking to her she tells me that she read from 2:30-3:30am and finished her book. After that she got scared & came into our room.

Science class was today. Doug brought with him several different kinds of turtles (musk turtles, map turtles, painted turtles, yellow bellied turtles) and a small tortoise. The kids enjoyed seeing them, watching them run around & getting a good look at them. Then he brings out some African scorpions! Yuck!! Don't tell Doug I said that. 3 kids let him put them on their shirts...I think the moms were all dying. LOL! They aren't poisonous and actually just hung onto the shirt without moving around. And they are huge! Egads....brave kids. ;-)

Our temps are just horrible here. The high temp today was 81. I know we are in Florida but come on...it is January for goodness sake. Tomorrow is supposed to be about 83. Ugh!!


At 11:44 PM, Blogger Kim said...

81, *81*, *81*!!!!!!

You are complaining about 81? It's like 30 here. And we have snow.

I get the snuggle thing from Zoe every night. Hubby usually ends up sleeping in her bed so there is enough room for her in our bed. Lovely sight with the purple and pink sheets. :-)

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Kelly said...

Yes, yes I am complaining about 81! It is January for goodness sake. We have 81 or worse all year long is a *little* cool weather too much to ask for in January? LOL! Ooh...I can't wait to move and have seasons again! All 4 of us would welcome 30 with open arms about now.


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