February 1, 2006

Nothing like spacing out posts. LOL! Sorry. The weekend was okay, just hanging out with the kids & getting a few errands done. On Monday my dad called from Saudi Arabia to let me know that my uncle was in the hospital and was scheduled for bypass surgery at noon. He gave me the room # and asked if I would give him a call for support & reassurance. I did so and then called my mom & brother to let them know. Later in the evening I called the hospital to check on him to see how surgery went. Thankfully it went well & he would be in open heart recovery over night. I contacted several family members to let them know. Monday evening I met up with some friends at a local coffee house called Sacred Grounds. A nice little mom's night out.

Tuesday morning my dad called again & we updated each other a bit and then got off the phone. The very second I hung up I smacked myself on the forehead because I didn't wish my dad happy birthday! Ugh....between trying to make sure the kids were getting dressed, fixing breakfast for them & talking to my dad on the phone about my uncle apparently my multi-tasking ability was at full capacity. Also, I hadn't had any Diet Coke yet so I contribute *most* of it to that. I don't function well without my Diet Coke. I felt horrible but couldn't even call him right back because I don't have his Saudi phone number. So I sent a Happy Birthday email. Morgan had art class Tuesday morning and she had a great time. They started a project that will span 2 classes... a mosaic with beans. They will finish up next week. Afterwards we went on a "Target Mission" for my mother. It took 3 Targets (I had already checked 1 Monday night) but we finally found what she needed and will be bringing it with us when we come up to visit. Tuesday evening I talked with my uncle on the phone. He was in his own room, overlooking the river, sitting up and getting ready to have a sandwich. He said he was bored & feeling like he had been split wide open. I jokingly reassured him that he was on the right path then & must be fine because that is how you should feel after a quadruple bypass! So late last night while on the computer my iBook dies! Well, not the whole thing but suddenly the screen did a wiggle jiggle thing with vertical streaks of black and then went all black...never to come back on. Oh boy was I freaking out. Corey made an appointment at the Apple store with the Genius Bar. If I lose everything I will be beyond upset. :-/ Corey thinks it is just the back light. *fingers crossed*

Today Corey had the day off...comp day for having the pager last week. So he very sweetly takes my &#%! broken iBook into the Apple store and the kids & I get ready for a library trip. My iBook is still under warranty so the fixing is covered but it might take a week to 10 days before it is ready. Eeeek!! How will the children deal with having mommy sharing their computer? We shall see...

We made a family decision about the theatre class Morgan was involved in. We have decided that the travel time & distance, the timing of the classes & such is just too much for all of us right now. We knew this might happen when we went into it but felt it was worth a shot. Morgan was okay with the whole decision. We will focus on her dance class and our other educational & fun activities.

We are working on packing up some things to take with us when we go to TN that my mom will be storing for us. We will be bringing back lots of packing boxes & bubble wrap that my mom has saved from her recent move. We are getting excited about this trip...down to 17 days. Yea!

Morgan has been working on writing a story about what it would be like to be a 1 celled creature and living amongst amoeba, euglena and paramecium. She has learned about them at science class. She's doing really well with her math facts now and so is Alex...just soaking it up. We are going to be moving on to the next step in math. She's doing great still with reading, language arts, history,etc.

Ooh and final tally...she raised $223.80 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital doing the math-a-thon. Thank you to everyone that supported her!! She is so happy and we are so very proud of her.


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