February 5, 2006

My goodness what a weekend. My uncle was released from the hospital after his bypass surgery but is in between places to live. I found out when he asked me a question about my maternal grandparents house. After emailing with my dad about it he got social services involved at the hospital. The limit of their involvement was to give him a list of places to call. Now forgive me if this is a stretch but a 55yo patient just had open heart surgery & you find out he has no home to be released to. I'm thinking there is a little more you can do for him than to give him a list of numbers to call knowing he can't drive to check out these places,etc. I wasn't expecting them to send him to rehab or anything like that but wow, I thought social services helped make the contacts. He found a place & needed some help from my dad so I was sending messages back & forth. It was okay until his girlfriend got involved and I just really didn't want or need to be dealing with her. I think we've got it all worked out but it was getting a little stressful there.

Then I found out that my sister is missing. She's in the process of leaving a bad situation so she and her daughter will be safe & can start rebuilding their lives. My niece is staying with one of our brothers and my sister went back to get their stuff & arrange for school records & medical records to be transferred. Monday she left Lafayette on a Greyhound bus. She made a phone call from a borrowed cell phone on Monday night while in Mobile, Alabama. Some of her bags arrived in Ocala but she did not. No one has heard from her since that phone call Monday night. We've made reports to the various police agencies to get the ball rolling and we've talked to the person that let her borrow the cell phone in Mobile. The number was on caller ID. The waiting and speculation is just horrible. I'm just so hoping that we hear from her soon & she's okay.

In other news, the kids are doing good. Something was up with Alex today as he woke up for the day at 5am! My goodness. I'm not sure how he can be my child some days. LOL! I'm just not a morning person. He doesn't wake us up though until around 7-8am when he's getting really hungry & needs a grown up. Morgan went with Corey to get donuts & coffee and came home announcing Daddy said she could have some coffee. Now they've both had sips & "shared" coffee with him before, do drink soda that has caffeine and such so it isn't like we are strict about the caffeine. Well, she had her little cup with Daddy and *OH --- MY --- GOODNESS!!!* You could SEE the caffeine affecting her. She was bouncing around from one thing to another...not distractedly just very active & quick paced. She was completing each thing but just immediately going to another. It really cracked me up when she asked to clean the toilets (we just did them a couple days ago). I told her she could wipe down the bathroom counters & mirrors. She did & then asked to dust..did that and then asked to swiffer the kitchen & their bathroom. And she was talking so fast. It was actually cute. But the coming down attitude we ran into was SO not cute. We handled it well knowing what it was from & kept redirecting her. Afterwards we explained a bit about WHY this all happened and WHY kids don't get to have stuff like coffee. She's back to normal but this all occurred over several hours. She picked up HP 6 from the library yesterday and is already several chapters into it (6 or so). So she's reading, Alex is doing a language arts CD on the other computer and we are watching the Super Bowl. I'm not totally into it, obviously I'm posting while watching, but none of our teams made it so we are just watching not really rooting for either team. LOL!

Take care everyone. Please say a prayer or think good thoughts for my sister that she is safe & contacts her family.


At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a weekend. I hope that everything will turn out okay for your uncle and your sister. How worrisome.

At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly --
Keep us posted with everything -- let me know if there's anything we can do to help.
Thinking of y'all...


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