March 18, 2006

Good morning. I woke up to Alex offering me a chocolate chip cookie. What a way to wake up, huh? Well, time to play catch up here.

Morgan practiced all week (at least 3 times a day, every day) on her dance routine and had it down pat before her class on Thursday. She had me do it with her most days so Mommy can "Mousercise" too! LOL! Her class went great on Thursday and they learned another part, went through it several times including a couple times for other classes. They like that part because they get to watch the other classes perform their routine as well.

Morgan and I did pretty good sticking to our new school schedule this week. We had a lot of supplemental reading from the library and got quite a bit of it added in. She had challenges (instead of "homework") from her science class and she chose to do all 3 of the challenges instead of just 1. She got her clay piece back at art class and they did some pastel work a la Paul Gaugin. She's looking forward to Tuesday's class when they will be making "food"...stuffed art that resembles food. She thinks it will be funny. We are having fewer moments with her and she's talking a bit more with Corey and me when she's upset. She's had several really good days.

Alex is enjoying science class but is still a little boy that does not like to sit still. He honestly doesn't sit still for much of anything. He sits, stands, wiggles, etc when playing on the computer, eating, etc. Even when engrossed in a movie or a book with us he is moving a foot, something. He loves puzzles, games, books, and math. He also likes his geography/map skills workbook. His temper has really been showing lately and when I've talked to him he tells me that he just can't control his temper. I told him that he has to work on that and we will help him. He's been on a roll lately and gets priviledges taken away & quiet time in his room. He comes by his temper naturally on both sides of the family so it is something we will have to help him work on for a while I'm sure.

The move...the move! LOL! Little by little we are making progress. Our realtor referred us to a mortgage broker in the area & we contacted her. That is going great and we heard back about being pre-approved & they are just verifying things now so we can get the pre-approval letter. We want this so we can attach it to the offer when we make one. We are trying to make all of this go as smoothly as possible, especially since we are far away. We are still looking at houses & narrowing things down. We have some front runners and my mom is going to drive by a couple this weekend and let us know if they seem worthy of further checking. If yes, she can do an initial look with our realtor and let us know about the inside. She knows a lot of what we are looking for and can give us some really good feedback. I trust her completely on this and if she says "Yes, you will love this one" or "Won't work" then it is true. We can then decide from there to take another quick trip to evaluate what we have, have one of us go look, or make an offer contigent on us seeing it,etc. Anyway, we are on our way. We will be ready to leave any time after June 4th... 11 weeks and 1 day from now. But who's counting. ;-)

Corey's trip to Ohio has been delayed unless an emergency comes up while the servers are being put in. So it will be a last minute trip at best. ;-) We shall see. Hopefully things go smoothly. He received his annual review yesterday and got a very good one. They aren't giving many people raises but he got one. Yea!! Plus he received a plaque commending him for all the hard work he did on a previous project. We are VERY proud of him!


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