March 11, 2006

Thursday Morgan had dance class and they spent the whole class going over their routine for recital. They will be performing with another class and the routine is really fast...especially for a bunch of 6 & 7yos! Morgan has been worried that she wouldn't be able to do the routine so I took notes and recorded her class doing the routine (what they have learned so far) to help her practice. I'm hoping this helps relieve her of this stress she's been feeling.

Yesterday Corey was off, a comp day for pager duty the week before, and so he got to come to science class with us. They talked about dinosaurs and what made them different from other reptiles that lived during their time as well as reptiles that are still around. Doug (their teacher) brought a replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull and the kids got to climb around under it. I have pictures and will get them posted soon.

Today Corey and Morgan went out on a father/daughter date. They've been on them before but this one Corey offered up and she had to earn it with good behavior for a week. She was very excited. She picked a movie and they went to see Aquamarine and then went to a new Japanese restaurant that just opened near us. She came home telling us all about the movie and how they sat at the sushi bar to eat. LOL! Corey said the staff was really surprised that she was eating sushi and not sushimi (?). She tried uni (sea urchin) that Cousin Casey told her about back in December.

While they were gone Alex and I hung out at home. I was going to take him to see Curious George or Doogal but he decided he didn't want to see a movie and then really started acting up so I wasn't going to *take* him to see a movie. We had lunch, played & read some. Then he played a video game (The Incredibles) and I packed another box. Woo hoo! ;-) I got some papers sorted & tossed out, some laundry going and some veg out time too.

It has been hot here already. I'm so glad we won't be in Florida for the upcoming summer. We've already been in the mid-80's and it is only March. Low rain and higher temps already so this summer should be a hot & miserable one I think. I'm glad we won't be here for hurricane season either!

Corey has to work on a change tonight so he's napping. He might have to go to Ohio before the month is out. No problem with that I just hope he doesn't have to go over the weekend we are celebrating Ostara with friends. Ostara is the celebration of spring and is officially on the vernal equinox (March 20th this year). We will be celebrating the weekend after with our friends. It is always a good time.

Morgan has been practicing her dance routine and almost has it down pat. She's determined to have this part "perfect" before class on Thursday.


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