March 8, 2006

Woo...let the packing begin. LOL! I got the remainder of the Christmas stuff packed and the other holiday stuff. I had to start somewhere.

Morgan has finished Prince Caspian (#4 in The Chronicles of Narnia) and is moving on to the next book. She is really enjoying the stories. She went back to Book Adventure today and took a few comprehension quizzes. She has fun with them and does really well. She hasn't been to the site in a while because a lot of the books she was reading aren't listed. At her art class on Tuesday they glazed their sculptures. The teacher will fire them and they will be all ready next week. Today I managed to get her to do a good bit of math and we talked about her doing it every day. She still tells me "I don't like math." and "Math is hard. and then whizzes through the pages without making any errors. *sigh* I think it just isn't as interesting to her so she just doesn't want to do it...not that she can't. She did some science fun today and made gooey gunk. She was so excited to do it and then squealed about it being slimey. Well yes dear, you just made slime. LOL! She watched a DVD about the Arab Gulf states called Globe Trekker from Netflix. It was about Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. It was really interesting. The next one will include Saudi Arabia and we are really interested in that one since that is where my dad & stepmother live. Hello Grandpa Paul & Grandma Patsy! :-)

Alex is reading Water Wishes by Mallory Loehr. It is the first one in a series about the elements (water, earth, air & fire).

We've been working on making changes in what we eat (more fruits, vegetables, whole grains; switching to organic foods, and trying new dishes) lately. Tonight we had a delicious soup... spinach, artichoke and tortellini soup. Morgan loved it, Alex wouldn't try it. LOL! He's trying new things but I guess this was just too adventurous for him. But Ashes (the cat) tried it and loved the baby portobellas and the spinach (must have been the chicken stock?). LOL! Crazy cat.

We watched the most recent Herbie movie, sorry I can't remember the full name, Herbie Fully Loaded or something like that. It was cute and funny. Not quite the Herbie the Love Bug from my childhood but enjoyable enough with the kids.


At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morgan's distaste for math is interesting. Perhaps its not challenging enough?
Cassidy really dislikes reading, but loves writing, and excells with math. I've been trying to introduce different books, thinking its just the subject matter that doesnt catch her interest. Though, she is on a Junie B. Jones kick recently.


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