March 4, 2006

I'm back. LOL! Corey came back from Amsterdam and less than 12 hours later we headed up to Tennessee. We had snow when we arrived and the kids were beyond delighted. They were so cute. We did some looking around & scoping out of a few areas, not quite as much as Corey wanted to, but enough to give us ideas. We spent a day with the realtor looking at houses and that really helped a lot. We came to realize how much space we will need as Corey will be WAH and we will continue hs'ing. Even though we weren't buying a house right then it wasn't a waste of time because of what we learned and what the realtor learned about us & what we need. We did a lot of visiting with my mom, brother & his girlfriend and doing puzzles,etc. Everyone blamed me for the winter temps as they had really mild temps up until our visit. I requested no WARM weather and we had nice low temps while there. Go ahead, blame me. ;-)

Upon our return we had to jump back into things. Finally, my laptop was fixed & ready for pick up. Yea!! Corey went back to work and got his week of the pager rotation all at once. The kids and I were glad to get back into the swing of things with our hs'ing friends. We are still checking our the houses up in Tennessee and today my mom drove by 2 of them for us and gave us feedback. Nice to have.

Morgan is very into playing "Age of Mythology" on the computer and is trying to teach some of it to Alex. She's on the 4th book from The Chronicles of Narnia and loving all of them so far. She finished HP6 in a week so is all done with those for now. LOL! She's reading about Ancient Egypt in history, the human body in science...held a sheep's heart in science class yesterday. In art class they are creating animal vessels from clay and her vessel has characters from The Chronicles of Narnia.

We've been catching up on our movie watching since coming home. We've seen "Girl with a Pearl Earring", "Homeless to Harvard", "Rent", "Must Love Dogs", and "White Fangs". And I must say Thank Goddess the olympics are over and TV is back to regular programming. LOL! I like to watch some of it but darn you can't just watch or follow the one sport you are interested in and all the other channels resort to *everyone* is watching the games. It is the same with the college ball tournaments,etc. Anyway, enough of that.

I think I'm caught up-to-date. Talk to you soon. :-)


At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so how did you like RENT?
We really liked Must Love Dogs too, a tad slow, and almost the same character as in Under The Tuscan Sun, but good anyway (I love John Cusack!)

At 6:44 PM, Blogger Kelly said...

We loved RENT! :-) We went out and bought the soundtrack as well. LOL! Morgan has been listening to it and singing for a couple of days now. Corey's going to make her a copy before we lose the CD completely to her CD player.

Yes, her character in MLD was very similar to UTTS. LOL. We enjoy John Cusack too.


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