March 27, 2006

Friday at science was hilarious! Doug, the teacher, brought an octopus and several small squid. The kids checked out the octopus and one boy wore it on his head. Then Morgan volunteered to wear it on her head! I just made her understand that a shower would be in order as soon as we got home. LOL! The octopus was fresh & had been on ice so it wasn't smelly so there was just the squeamish "eww" factor. ;-) Then they dissected one squid and got to check out the others. Morgan held a squid brain in her hand and a squid eye and a squid beak. Did you know that octopus & squid have beaks for mouths just like birds? Interesting, huh?

On Saturday we celebrated Ostara with a bunch of friends. We had 12 families together with a total of 29 kids, ranging in age from 3 1/2 months to 15 years old. It was a great time! We had tons of wonderful food...Cyd's carrot cake was foodgasmic (new word we all agree is perfect!) and Christine's Deep Purple brew was delicious and had leathal potential. We had an egg hunt for all the kids, dyed eggs marked with runes, created living baskets (filled them with potting soil & grass seed) and had lots of fun. It was so good seeing everyone again.

On Sunday, my mom and our realtor went to see the house we are interested in. We got a good report back...everything good and will just need a good cleaning & new carpet. That we can handle! They are going back today and taking my brother so we can get his opinion. We've seen pictures online and REALLY trust my mom, my brother & our realtor. We are ready to make an offer this week and are soooo excited! I'll keep you posted.


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