March 23, 2006! What a week it has been and it isn't even over yet. LOL! Seriously, the kids and I have been on the go all week and I feel like I've gotten nothing else accomplished. I know I haven't gotten anything done as far as house work or laundry so we all may be "naturalists" by Saturday. ;-) Just in time for our Ostara celebration. No skyclad celebrations here.

Monday we had Camp Fire and they had to pick a wild animal ahead of time and learn what about the habitat for it. They drew or printed out a picture and then told everyone about their animal. We made a compass, learned about the directions, went for a nature walk and brought back leaves to identify. They had fun.

Tuesday was Morgan's art class and then we went to a nearby park with 2 classmates & their moms. We all played baseball and were going to have lunch but after some behavior & attitude issues we left before lunch. I think the message got through. Alex actually explained to me on the way home that they could have stayed longer if they had listened to mommy & behaved. *gasp* A break through!

Wednesday we had a play date with some hs'ing friends, a family of 3 boys. The 5 kids all get along very well and play so good together. We met at a local playground that has a sprayground (water shooting up out of the floor for the kids to play in). They had a blast! We had them do some experiments with the water jets so did get some science in there. No pictures, I had my hands full enough with the cooler, towels, etc.

And today, we had a play date with a hs'ing family with girls and some new friends. Another very good day. The kids did crafts, made homemade pizza, played hula hoops & hopscotch outside. We got home in time to relax a few minutes and then get Morgan ready for dance class. Only 2 girls were at class today, including Morgan, so they had a short class. We figure because of spring break some girls were out of town,etc.

Tomorrow we have science & some work to do ahead of time. They will be dissecting a squid during class and are excited about it. They will also be doing some molds to create their own fossils, leftovers from last week when we ran out of time. LOL! PLUS I need to get some errands done to prepare for our Ostara celebration on Saturday...ack! I need to fill some eggs, make the dishes we are taking for the potluck, get the craft stuff together that we are taking. We will be feasting, having an egg hunt, dying eggs & doing rune eggs, painting & doing other crafts. Should be fun. There will be about 30 kids there if everyone that is planning to come can.

Now, don't be too alarmed. It has been spring break for our county so we haven't hit school TOO hard but we haven't neglected it all together. We've done reading, writing, math, science, art, and lots of fun & PE. :-)

Take care and hopefully I'll be blogging again after Saturday. LOL


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