April 9, 2006

Geez, I'm beginning to think we aren't going to catch a break. After visiting the oral surgeon on Thursday I started having some aches & pain in my upper left jaw. I thought it was no biggie & went about my business taking some ibuprofen. Well, it continued and finally yesterday (Saturday) it just seemed too much. I was taking ibuprofen and that was only working for a couple hours, it was hurting up into my cheekbone and I was getting some swelling. I put a call into my regular dentist & when she didn't call right back (what can I say I'm impatient!) I called the OS. He called right back, said probably beginnings of an infection & called me in an antibiotic. He would have called me in pain medication but I don't like those, have issue with 1 common one and felt I could handle the pain with ibu & tylenol until the antibiotics kicked in. My regular dentist called an hour later and said she would have called in something as well and if the swelling wasn't better by Monday to come see her & she would give me Prednisone for the swelling. We think the culprit is a back tooth that needs a root canal. Ugh! How in the world to fit this all in?? The pain woke me up at 4:30am and it took 30 mins for the ibu to work enough that I could go back to sleep. This morning when Alex woke me up I was feeling okay but immediately took some tylenol. I've gotten 3 doses of the antibiotics in so far so I think things will be better today.

For even *more* fun...life just isn't boring around here for long...we had our van vandalized Friday night. We discovered it Saturday morning as we were loading up the kids to head to Home Depot for some fun checking out new paint & flooring options for our new house. The rear window was smashed to bits...they smashed all around the outer edge and then smashed a hole in the center near the bottom. There was glass everywhere but nothing missing. We called the county sheriff's office since we live outside city limits and they don't do non-emergencies on the weekend. Since nothing was stolen and we were "just" vandalized someone would CALL us on Monday to take a police report. Gee...why bother?? We got some of the glass cleaned away & covered the area with plastic. Then last night we get the first rain that we've had in 41 days...and it is a hard thunderstorm!! We desperately needed the rain but goodness couldn't I have gotten the window replaced first. *sigh* I haven't been out there yet this morning to see if anything got wet. I have noticed that the plastic is still covering everything so at least it didn't come off or sink it from the rain. That's a good sign, right?? Just humor me & say "RIGHT". LOL!

On a positive note....we discovered that Home Depot carries natural bamboo flooring. This is great for us because we like the wood floor look & feel but not what it does to the environment (cutting down of hardwood trees,etc). Bamboo is technically a grass and it grows back quickly and is a sustainable alternative for hardwood flooring. And the cost was comparable to laminate flooring. Eventually we will be replacing at least some of the carpet in our new house (thinking positively here) with the bamboo flooring.

Corey had to work half the night doing changes so poor guy will be sleeping a lot this morning. The kids and I are just vegging out trying to finish waking up. Hopefully today will be a better day!


At 8:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the van and the mouth pain. That really stinks.

I was thinking of your new house with the tornado news. I hope that your mom escaped any damage as well.


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