April 24, 2006

Still bummed. Blah, I hate feeling like this. We had a brief moment of hope when we had talked to our realtor and a lot of work was being done trying to find comps to move forward with the appraisal & the sale of the house. Unfortunately the numbers that came back were not good and are such that the sellers can not afford to sell. They owe more than what the numbers are coming back with. So the house & property that we REALLY liked are now completely out of our grasp. Totally out of our control or anyone else's really. We've been searching and have a small list of houses for our realtor (and hopefully my mother, brother,etc) to check out for us. I'm not thrilled about any of them because we are having to sacrifice outside space or indoor space. Even with square footage in the same ballpark the room sizes are different. Just frustrating as all get out. :-/ This is so not what I was expecting from our house hunt and move....which really takes some of the fun and excitement out of it. So far I've done really good with the up & down but right now I'm feeling really down. I just want to cry and be mad at someone...but there really isn't anyone to be mad at. Ugh.

The kids are doing good. We went swimming over the weekend and had a nice time. Morgan spent most of the day today sketching. She had me sit for a portrait at one point today. Tomorrow is art class, which she loves!

Sorry for being such a bummer. Hopefully we will have some good house/move news soon and I can post on that.


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