April 19, 2006

On this day five years ago we welcomed a new member to our family. Alexander was born at 1:15pm. We celebrated his 5th birthday this afternoon with a small group of friends that he wanted to invite. It just so happened to be friends that are homeschooled so we had his party today. Worked out nice...no fighting for a spot at the park and no crowded playground. He had a wonderful time and was excited that his friends came to celebrate with him. Meanwhile, I can not believe that my baby is FIVE! I'm not sure how this happened or when it happened but it has...and right before my very eyes. I'm torn emotionally between sadness & happiness/excitement. It has been an amazing and wonderful five years. I am excited about the sweet, energetic, very funny and very smart boy he has become and the future that is out there for him. He loves to read, loves doing math and picks it up very quickly. He enjoys the science class he takes and being outdoors. He is getting used to the critters that the teacher likes to bring. LOL! He likes video games and bugging his big sister. And thankfully, he is still very much our snuggle bug.

There is a link on the right side to pictures of his birthday party today. I miss my baby boy but he has become quite the big boy.


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