April 16, 2006

We hope everyone had a nice Easter, however you choose to celebrate. Our spring/renewal holiday is Ostara which is on the Vernal Equinox (1st day of Spring) so we don't really do anything for Easter. It would all be duplicate. We do all the egg dying, egg hunt, celebrating, spring foods and such at Ostara. The kids get plenty of candy & treats in eggs & baskets. However, they know about the bunny so we let him visit. It isn't a big deal and they don't have anything to compare it to so no biggie. We've explained that after we move I will be sending the Easter Bunny a letter and asking him to stop by GC's house (my mom...GC is for Grandma Carol) and the kids can celebrate Easter there. They are fine with that and think it will be neat to share with GC. Anyway, the Easter Bunny brought them a basket of goodies and they got some cute bunny themed card games from GC and cards from several grandparents.

We spent the day keeping them away from all the candy. LOL! And doing a LOT of sorting, tossing & packing! We feel like we made quite a bit of progress. We have until June to be finished but we really want to weed out NOW so it will be gone by the time we get moving quotes (very soon!). We also have to fit it in with working, homeschooling, various dr visits (making sure we are caught up & set before moving), activities, dance recital, visits with friends, etc. Feels like *so* much but we will get it all done. If nothing else we are getting a crash course in time management. ;-) We sorted the living room closet, hall/linen closet, the kitchen, and a few bookshelves. Corey took 2 trips to the dumpster in the van, we have bags of stuff for donation, and we got a couple of boxes packed. This is on top of the stuff we got done yesterday.

I think it is finally sinking in good for both of us that we have the house. While going through stuff today we spent a lot of time talking about where things would go in the new house and what function we wanted from each room,etc. Fun and interesting. We will be doubling our living space and that is just a cool thing when you've been feeling sooo cramped!


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