April 21, 2006

I must say that tonight is truly a bummer. We've been going back & forth with the phone calls from our realtor & mortgage broker. Seems there is a problem...the house can't be appraised. The lenders have tightened the reins on the rules that the appraisers work with. To make the appraisals they have to have comps (comparable homes in age, size inside, property size). The lenders have said that the comps must be within an 8 mile radius. Even going back 2 years they aren't finding anything except for a couple of houses that sold for over $10,000 less than what we are contracted with for this house. Since the house won't appraise the contract is void. Long story short...we are back at square one. Corey and I actually took it okay and made some decisions based on other information to not try to create a new deal,etc. Poor Morgan cried when she found out. :-( Such crap...the kids were having a hard enough time with the move and we had gotten them excited about the house hoping it would help and here we go. Ugh! My mom's theory is that it must have been too far away from her so it wasn't going to work out. LOL! Gotta love her. :-)

We will keep everyone posted on the goings on of our renewed house hunt. Wheee! I just love this roller coaster!

The kids had science today. They've just been loving what Doug has been doing with class lately. Last week they dissected sheep eyeballs...cut them open, removed the lens & the retina. The kids were all fabulous...some of the parents were hilarious. Today they covered brains. He brought in a sheep's head that was cut in half so they could see inside. The kids thought it was great. Seriously..this group of kids from 3-8 years old. LOL! He had removed the brain so they got to see that really well. Then he had skulls (just the bones) of various animals so they could compare the size of their brains (based on the brain cavity in the skull). A friend gave me copies of the 1st & 2nd grade books from the math curriculum she uses with her boys so I can check it out. We are in search of something since we will be working with both kids next year and we want to make sure everyone has a good grasp.

I'm hosting a Pampered Chef catalog show. I'm hoping to earn the hostess gift being offered for May. It has a pink breast cancer ribbon on it. They have some cute guest specials for this month as well pertaining to the ribbons. One is a stencil so could be used for any colored ribbon. I may get something for my mom since she's a survivor.

The kids want to go to the pool or the beach tomorrow. We shall see. With the price of gas going up I just don't know about the beach. I saw several places on the way home from science class that had regular gas at $2.97/gal. Just ridiculous! I wish our government would stop stalling and let the ethanol and other alternatives be produced so we can start moving past this. Of course everyone in power has their pockets and mattresses just stuffed from oil profits so they don't want it to go away. Ugh!! Something just has to be done.


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