April 28, 2006

What a roller coaster! LOL! I swear that is the only way to explain it. Our realtor checked out some houses for us and of the 3 we had picked none would work. But she found another that had just popped onto the market and she checked it out. She thinks it will work for us and really likes it, wonderful neighborhood too. So mom & Kiki will be checking it out on Saturday. (All of this from Wed I think) then our realtor calls yesterday with an update on the OTHER property! ACK! It gave us something to think about but after much discussion & soul searching and a talk with the mortgage broker we decided that we don't feel comfortable pursuing that property. It is still too risky and I just can't handle another letdown on that house just to have to start over yet again. So, we are going to stick with the possibility of this new house and see where it takes us. We will keep everyone posted.

There still seems SO much to do as far as the house & the move and when we add everything for Morgan's dance recital (pictures, extra practice, rehearsal, and show) along with end-of-the-year hs'ing and preparing for an evaluation on top of it and then try to add "see your friends" on top of that it just is NOT adding up! It is definitely causing me to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Corey has had a really busy week at work this week and he's been stressed & quiet. Maybe this weekend we will have good news on a house, can get some more packing done and I'll feel like we are making headway. Oh, we did get our notice turned into the apartment complex so it is official that we aren't staying. ;-) LOL! Cross ONE thing off my list.


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